Personal Growth and Leadership Expert Noah Hammond:

"The Future is what WE make it..."

Hey Friend! Noah Hammond here.

Whether you’ve known me for years from my YouTube channels, or have just found me through this site, I wanted to take an opportunity to introduce myself.

I am a man on a mission and that mission is to serve.

We are currently amidst a MASSIVE shift in consciousness, and if our planet and species are going to survive, we simply MUST evolve.

The old ways of ego driven consciousness are unsustainable and crumbling before our very eyes. World economies are collapsing. The quality of food, water, and air are all declining. Species are becoming extinct at an accelerated rate…

The simple fact is – the way that humanity currently operates IS NOT SUSTAINABLE.

But, what do we do? How do we not only survive, but THRIVE in these times of great change?

That is what excites me more than ANYTHING. By learning to live from the heart and inside of truth, the world is peaceful and the future is bright. The more people who can do this and the more rapidly we do it, the quicker and more seamless this transition will be.

So THIS is why I’m here.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a series of life experiences that have lead me to a great awakening, allowing me to see things from a perspective uncommon to most.

I believe that each and EVERY person has a unique gift and expression, just waiting to come out. I believe that mankind is inherently loving, that reality is malleable, and that you can create the EXACT life experience you desire, no matter who you are. And I know all of this to be true from PERSONAL experience…

But I Wasn’t Always on this Righteous Path…

In fact, this all started for one reason – WOMEN!

My self development path truly began when I was nineteen years old and had just broken up with my long term girlfriend from high school, who had also come to the same college as me.

As soon as we broke up, I realized I was absolutely TERRIBLE at meeting and attracting women. But I was determined to change, and so I went to work learning EVERYTHING I could about being a confident, cool, attractive man.

And after several years of this relentless study, I became an EXPERT at meeting and attracting women…

But self developing in this area led me to self develop in other areas. And as I saw my college career coming to a close, I realized I had absolutely ZERO interest in joining the 9-5 world as a civil engineer. So, I went to work studying online marketing and business development.

This led me to create several successful businesses, including an eCommerce store and one in which I sold relationship and confidence products and coaching for men.

I managed to succeed in escaping the 9-5, creating my financial freedom online, and moving to my destination of choice…San Diego!

But I didn’t stop there…

My Path of Self Development Continued Relentlessly…

I spent over two years training Brazillian Jiu Jitsu with some of the top fighters in the world. Riding motorcycles, attending Internet Marketing meet ups, training hard and slimming down became my daily activities.

And as I got in better and better shape, I began to get very in touch with my body. This lead me to become a vegetarian, then eventually vegan and gluten(wheat) free. This lead me to even more clarity and opened me up to new forms of energy work and meditation, including qigong and a healing modality known as quantum touch.

Then I found my guru, Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath and the meditation techniques of Kriya Yoga, which I now practice approximately two hours daily.

So, this is absolutely the SHORT form of it all (I skipped the part where I break my back…twice!), but I just wanted you to see that I didn’t start off here. Where I’m at now is the result of over eight years of conscious self development and an open mind.

Dozens of INCREDIBLE experiences have happened along the way that have truly made an impact on me and allowed me to wake up to truth. And I promise to share ALL of them in my videos to help you reach new understandings and success in all areas of your life…or even just to entertain!

Attempting to become aware of the highest levels of personal truth is a funny thing. I won’t lie. It’s not easy…the ego fights you every step of the way.

When waking up, you may experience loneliness. I know I did. But don’t worry my friend! There is a RICH community of truth seers and light bearers out there. And I offer my services as a resource, guide, and assistant in your conscious evolution.

So Why Should You Believe that My Teachings Will Help?

Well, after over five years of teaching core confidence, relationships, leadership, and spirituality...

I’ve seen my students go down a similar path. They are AWAKE to their TRUE selves, and limitless potential. They are creating businesses, getting in shape, helping their communities, and living with passion and purpose.

And Well…I’m a gluten-free, vegetarian, martial artist, personal growth coach, entrepreneur, marketer, yogi, who meditates two hours daily…

Whether it’s health related, wealth related, relationship related, or spiritually related, I’ve got some wisdom to share.

So, I hope that this has shown you a bit about who I am. You’ll certainly be learning a lot more through my videos, as I test ALL my advice out personally.

I look forward to connecting with you, growing with you, and co-creating a thriving world which we can truly be proud of.

In Infinite Love and Gratitude!




Noah Hammond

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