Better Relationships – Understand this Critical Imbalance and Create Better Relationships

In today’s video we are going to be talking about the masculine and the feminine energies. We are going to give you a general understanding of what constitutes each so that you can understand what is really happening in our societies right now, which is a HUGE imbalance in the masculine and feminine energies.

This is what’s causing SO much strife, complication, and misunderstanding inside of our relationships. It is the reason our divorce rate is WELL over fifty percent. It’s the reason why SO many people are struggling to find a relationship that REALLY satisfies them.

Let’s start with a very basic groundwork.

Better Relationship from Understanding Masculine and Feminine Energy

We need to know what masculine and feminine energy look like so we can understand where this imbalance comes from.

The masculine energy is strong, grounded, firm and decisive. It is a PROTECTIVE energy. It’s all of these things. It gets stuff done. It takes care of business. It makes stuff happen. It is the straight arrow.

The feminine energy is kind, caring, carefree, nurturing, relaxed, gentle and playful. It is this kind, nurturing, care-giving energy. It’s why it is Mother Earth because she gives us EVERYTHING we need for our survival. It takes care of us. It is this NURTURING energy. That is what feminine energy is – light and playful.

The masculine energy is the straight arrow. It takes care of business. It gets stuff done. It is unwavering. It is firm. The feminine energy is much more of a cloud. It is all over the place. It is gentle and carefree. The fusion of them is beautiful.

Now, understand that inside of all of us, there is masculine and feminine energy. There is the Yin and the Yang inside of all of us.

Nobody can be a hundred percent masculine. If they are, they are faking it. Nobody can be a hundred percent feminine. If they are, they are faking it. Both of them are FULLY incorporated in us.

Masculine and Feminine Energy Imbalance – How it Happened

Now, here is where the imbalance has happened in our society. I will give you description of what is really going on.

Back in the fifties, the feminist movement was happening and women were battling to gain equal rights, which I obviously fully support. Women should absolutely have equal rights…

But what happened is, in order to gain those equal rights a lot of women took on SAMENESS.

It was still a masculine-macho egocentric society that we live in. In order to “play the game” so to speak, women had to start playing the part.

Women in the business world function as though they are men. They are firm and rigid. They get stuff done. They take care of business. They do all these masculine things in order to play the part so that it was even POSSIBLE for them to infiltrate the structure of our society and gain those equal rights.

They got something AMAZING, which are equal rights and the ability to vote and all those amazing things.

What they also got though unfortunately, was a propensity for too much masculinity. This kills a lot of women especially, women in the business world who are out of touch with that carefree, nurturing and playful caregiver

Think about the women who are REALLY killing it in business and ask yourself do the words “carefree”, “nurturing”, “playful”, “lighthearted” and “spontaneous” come to mind when you see the way that they behave or the energy that they carry? Absolutely, not!

Here is what has happened.

Men are primarily driven by their desire for women – it really is one of the MAIN things that motivates us in life…

It’s the basic motivation for everything because it is biological.

Now because women took on these new masculine characteristics – the Yin and the Yang has to balance – men started taking on many more FEMININE characteristics.

Think about the male role models of the past like Clint Eastwood. He is a man. He is masculine. He is strong, grounded, firm, confident, etc.

Now, think about a lot of the current role models. Maybe, this is not permanent but what comes to mind for me is Chandler from Friends. He is goofy and unsure of himself. Yes, he is funny, but the words that come to mind is Clint Eastwood would kick Chandler’s ass and say “What kind of men are you?”

That is where a lot of the men are getting their role models from nowadays – goofy, droopy, unsure of himself, follow-the-girl-around-like-a-lapdog… That kind of guy is the role model that many men have.

Then, the women have this role model from Sex in the City: “I do not need a man for anything. I am bad-ass. I am strong. I am rigid. I am firm.”

What really happened as a result is we are all out of touch with who we really are.

Nobody can find these successful relationships that they want because first of all, these women, who are being overly masculine, do not truly want to be that way.

On their biological level, they WANT to be carefree, nurturing and motherly. On a biological level, men want to be confident, sure of themselves, firm and masculine.

This is another reason why people have so must difficulty to Find a Partner sometimes…

We are all programmed with a whole bunch of nonsense that makes us really confused and makes each other confused.

Why is Paris Hilton hot? It’s simply programming. There is absolutely nothing biologically attractive about a girl like Paris Hilton…
Is she going to be a good mother? Absolutely not! Is she going to pass my genes down to forward generations? Is she going to take care of my kids? Is she going to bring the motherly, nurturing, carefree energy that they need to grow up and feel good everyday and get what they need? Absolutely not! She is not a mother to my children.

But that is what is programmed in our society. It is the “HOT” girl.

What is the “hot” guy right now?

They are these guys wearing makeup, going to the spa, really putting a lot of time into their clothes and image. Is that the guy who will make sure that your child is safe? That guy with primed fingernails, is he going to be able to fight the cave line when it comes after your children? Absolutely, not!

On a logical level, we desire these people who do not make sense. So then biologically, we are not being FULFILLED…

There is this HUGE dissidence between the two and so everybody is confused. Everybody is in these unhappy relationships and they do not quite understand WHY.

So, this is a massive problem. That was the fastest that I could explain it. There is a lot more to it, but that is something that is really important to understand.

I want to wrap it up. In this video, I want you to understand that this is what is going on. I want you to start noticing it because you are going to see it from movies to TV’s, to magazines, to what people talk about. You are going to see it ALL over the place now. It is UNAVOIDABLE for your awareness now.

Most importantly, I would like you to go inside and maybe take five minutes to write:

“How am I being (masculine/feminine)? Am I being masculine? Am I being feminine? How am I potentially acting from these conditionings from society?”

I used to be a victim to it big-time. I used to do dopey, droopy things – writing girls love poems that were not really coming from me. They were coming from this PROGRAMMED idea of how you are supposed to do romance. It was not AUTHENTIC.

A lot of girls who are putting on really killer high boots, which are totally sexy by the way, to be this bad-assed bitch! Is that really how you want to dress or is that cool because Angelina Jolie does it?

Without ripping yourself apart, do not feel bad about it because we are all victims of programming in some way, shape or form. I want you to get conscious of these kinds of thing and maybe start writing down some ways where you could be more masculine or more feminine – by potentially, dropping some of these social conditionings.

This is my main advice for today!

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