Bad Habits – How to Break Bad Habits the Easy Way

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Hello, my friends. Welcome to another video with myself, Noah Hammond. Today, we are going to be talking about bad habits, and how to break bad habits the easy way.

Now the way I would recommend breaking bad habits is not to make them wrong, not to fight them, not to be like “Oh, I have got to stop doing this and stop doing that. This is wrong and I am wrong for this.”

I think that is really a disempowering way to go about change…

Instead, what I would do is adopt the concept of valuing your inputs.

Let me explain.

Break Bad Habits by Valuing Your Inputs

Valuing your inputs means assessing and evaluating everything you are taking in to your experience.

This means the friends you have, the movies you do or do not watch, the books you do or do not read, the music you do or do not listen to, the TV shows you do or do not watch, the co-workers you surround yourself or spend time with, the food you eat, the sunshine you do or do not get, or even the amount of water you do or do not drink.

Everything that is coming in to your experience has a net value for your body and mind.

Like the old phrase says that “You are what you eat”…

Well, you are what take in. Value comes in, value comes out. Positivity comes in, positivity comes out. Crap comes in, crap comes out. Garbage comes in, garbage comes out. It makes very logical sense, right?

Now, what does this have to do though with bad habits?

Well in order to break these bad habits, in my opinion the easy way, all you have to do is focus consciously on bringing in new, and valuable inputs.

For example, if you were had a bad drinking habit…

What would happen to your life if you started scheduling in time at your spiritual center? Time helping the homeless? Time with positive friends who lift you up and do not drink? Time working on a side business that you are building that you really care about?…

Time out in nature taking hikes that you have not done in a long time? Time at a cooking class because you have always wanted to learn how to cook? Time at a dancing class because you have always wanted to learn how to dance?

Or even time learning to ride motorcycles because you have always wanted to do that too?

Well, all of a sudden, there isn’t time in your positive, amazing schedule to spend just hanging out and drinking.

And so, naturally, effortlessly, and easily, the bad habit just falls away…

Not because you fought it, or conquered it, or beat it, but because you simply found other things that you were more in alignment with…

And that you felt more positive about doing.

You brought enough of them into your schedule where the old things got pushed out of your schedule. It just happens as a by-product.

Bad Habits Fall Away Effortlessly in Time!

By valuing your inputs, by taking a consciousness to everything that is coming into your expeirience and evaluating whether or not it adds to you or takes away from you…

By doing this, you can easily bring in more things that bring value into your life and these bad habits will fall by the wayside.

Now, I have absolute compassion for any bad habits you might have that are addictive. I will not deny that they are tough to overcome. Addictions are some of our biggest challenges in life.

But, I can definitely tell you that if you bring in new, valuable, uplifting activities and inputs – whether that is better nutrition, more connection with nature, more connection with spirit, more connection with friends who are in a place in life where you want to go – whatever the case may be – a new sport…

If you bring those things into your life, your bad habits will have less power over you, will seem less real, will seem like less of a problem, and very likely will just fade away on their own.

So, I hope that has been helpful for you, and assists you in breaking your bad habits!

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Noah Hammond

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