Business Advice – A Simple Mindset to Drastically Improve Your Business

Today, I am going to be talking about a very simple yet PROFOUND business advice that will cause you to DRASTICALLY improve your business once you fully adapt to this mindset.

Business Advice – See What it Will Bring, Not What it Will Take!

The simple top view of it is that whenever you are inside your business, there comes a decision to be made about spending money. When it happens, NEVER ask yourself:

“What is this going to cost me?”

You need to ALWAYS be asking yourself:

“What is this going to make me?”

It is a very simple and subtle advice. But I see SO many small business owners, new business owners, new starting entrepreneurs, or people who are struggling to succeed in their business inside of this mindset.

“What is this going to cost me?” is an entirely lack-aligned mindset. It’s an entirely lack-driven consciousness. It will keep you and your business small, petty, and stuck.

Instead, you need to completely shift your focus. You need to always look at spending money as MAKING money. You need to ask yourself:

“What is this going to make me?”

This is something that is OBVIOUS to see in, for example, advertising. “Yes, I spent a thousand dollars on advertising. But it brought me two thousand dollars on business.” You know that you can spend a thousand dollars on your advertising and make a thousand dollars on top. That’s simple and obvious.

But, a place that I see business owners struggle to make the connection is in their personal growth and personal learning. You need to understand that any coach that you spend two, five, ten, twenty, fifty grand on, any coach that you spend any amount of money on is going to return you MORE money.

That for me was something that I had to really grasp and teach myself in my first couple of years on entrepreneurship. I had to realize that when I was spending money, I was NOT spending money. I was MAKING money.

It’s not always as obvious as spending a thousand dollars on advertising to make two thousand dollars in business. Many times, the best investments for your business are much less obvious return on investment like investing in coaching, training, or consultants.

Those things will DRASTICALLY impact your business.

They are obviously traceable. You can see:

“Yes, I implemented that training or that coach’s mindsets or systems and this is what it did to my business.”

But, it’s about the internal, mental connection that you have to make with abundance consciousness. So, it’s never “What is this going to cost me?” It’s always “What is this going to make me?”

The beautiful thing you will see is that it ALWAYS makes you so much more than you are spending. When you invest in quality training, systems, advertising, employees, or anything that is quality, you see a MASSIVE return on your investment.

The same thing apply to Customer Care. Does it worth it to spend money on your customer? What is it going to make you? A better company, with more customer!

So, get inside the abundance consciousness by asking yourself “What is this going to make me?” Always think from that perspective when considering spending or reinvesting money into your business.

This is my main advice for today!

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