Business Coach – The Rewarding Reasons I’m a Business Coach

Today, I’m going to be talking about the rewarding reasons I’m a Business Coach.

If you have a calling to be a coach of any kind – whether that be business, relationships, spirituality, or health – whatever kind of coaching, consulting, or leadership you are feeling called for, I’m hoping that this video will inspire you to see why it’s absolutely FANTASTIC to be a Business Coach, or ANY coach at all.

Coaching – Evolving Consciousness Exponentially

My favorite thought about coaching is the fact that coaching evolves consciousness at an exponential rate. Now, I think I’ve talked about this in other videos, about how technology is an exponential curve.

The technology of yesterday is used to build the technology of today which is used to build the technology of tomorrow. It means that it’s EXPONENTIAL. It multiplies. It’s “yesterday” times “today” times “tomorrow”. It hits an exponential graph.

Now, I’ve also talked about how these videos, sharing them and sharing your coaching, does the same thing with consciousness because I can take all of the problems that you may have run into trying to start from where I was before. I can have you skip ALL of those so that you are now creating from a higher starting position than I have the ability to create from.

If you think about it in the broad scale, somebody like Einstein allowed everybody after Einstein to create with the Theory of Relativity already in their pocket. He exponentially increased the evolution of thought, the ability for human thought to expand in its consciousness.

That for me is the MOST rewarding reason to be a coach, whether that is in business or otherwise. You are helping people take rapid leaps in any area of their lives that you are coaching them.

There is nothing more rewarding than to see the struggles that I went through, coach the people I am coaching and to watch them JUMP OVER them.

There is no greater FULFILLMENT for me because ultimately, what I want to see is a happy world where everybody is fulfilled, satisfied, and tapped into their authenticity, their personal impact in the world, and their connection with others. Being a coach is what allows me to do that.

If you are considering being a coach, I would invite you to sit back in the realization that what you are really doing is helping the exponential expansion of thought. What you’re really doing is helping people jump past their problems. You are being a problem solver.

I want you to sit back and think:

“Does that excite me? Does that really motivate me? Does that get me going? Does that get me THRILLED and absolutely, completely covered in excitement, passion, and ready to greet the day with a huge smile on my face because that’s what I do with myself?”

If that gets you excited in that way then, you are ABSOLUTELY meant to be a coach. If you are not already coaching, I invite you to create a game plan for doing so. How can you help people move forward? How can you help them get rid of their sins, blockages, and destructive mindsets?

If you are an old or new coach, regardless of who you are, if you are a heart-centered entrepreneur and you want to make an impact in the world, I invite you to go to where I teach heart-centered entrepreneurs how they can use their existing knowledge to create a product or service that serves the world with their greatest gifts.

Thank you for joining me for today’s video. I’m really happy to be able to share the real reasons that I am excited to be a Business Coach as well as an Authenticity and Connection Coach and all the impact I get to make in the world, why it really drives me, and what it really feels like for me.

Why I keep doing it? Why is there a new video every day? Because I know that this is what it’s doing in some way, shape, or form.

I’m happy to help. I’m happy to serve.

Please comment below if this has helped you realize:

“Hey, I am going to be a coach!”

Or, maybe:

“Hey, I will never be a coach. I just want to make money.”

That’s cool too!

So, whatever you want to comment below about coaching and maybe if you have some questions about it, go ahead and post those below.

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To Your Success,

Noah Hammond

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