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Today, I’m going to be giving some free business coaching. I’m going to give you two principles that are very foundational and will create MASSIVE success for you inside your business and really inside any area of your life.

Now before I get into the mindsets, what I’ll tell you is that they are almost OPPOSITES of each other. They almost contradict each other with their subtle differences. So, I want you to pay close attention and then I will explain what I mean at the end.

How to Deal with Your Weaknesses –Train Them!

The first mindset is training your weaknesses. A lot of people, when there’s a challenge, shy away from it. What I am inviting you to do is take it on head on.

For me, this is most applicable in martial arts. When I see an area of weakness, instead of avoiding it and doing what I’m strong at so I can feel good and win my sparring matches, I specifically go and train the thing that I stink at so I can get my butt kicked a million times and master that thing. Then, I can become strong in that field and it becomes a new strength.

Training your weaknesses is something that will propel your success in business. Something directly applicable to you in business may be you are a great speaker, but a TERRIBLE listener. So, take a consciousness to that. Spend two weeks making an effort specifically to train your listening skills and to make it OK not to speak so much.

Or, maybe vice versa! Maybe you are an AMAZING listener, but never speak up. Spend two weeks purposefully chatting.

“I’m going to go out and I’m going to chat. I will still listen of course but I’m going to make a focus to chat.”

Training your weaknesses – this is going to round out your skill sets. It’s going to make you whole and complete. It’s going to make you progress RAPIDLY. And, it’s going to make you a more skilled person than 99% of everybody out there.

So, if you want to be a successful business person, it’s VERY helpful to have more skills and tools than 99% of everybody out there. Use this advice to fuel your rapid progress as an individual which will fuel the success of your business as a whole.

A Team You Can Count On!

The second principle is to hire a varied team. What I mean by that is not falling for the mistake that most entrepreneurs make, which is hiring people they like.

Don’t hire people that you dislike. But, don’t hire people based on how much you like them. Hire people based on them being the BEST person for the job. The best teams have a variety of personalities and skill sets so that as a unit, you are outputting something GREATER than any of you individually could do on your own.

When I first got started in business, I used to think:

“Man, if I could have another me to partner with, that would be SO great! Then, I would be SO supported and productive and have someone so dynamic to bounce ideas off of.”

Now, I’m realizing that the last thing I need is someone who’s like me. That doesn’t support the success of my business. I need people who are grounded in different ways, who bring different skill sets and experiences to the table so that we, as a UNIT, can support each other with our own unique creativities that blend into a mastermind of ideas.

So, don’t make the mistake of hiring people who are like you. Hire the best people for the jobs and the positions that you need for your team.

The way that those two advices are a little contradictory is that entrepreneurs often make a mistake of trying to learn and do everything in their business. So by training your weaknesses, I don’t mean take on ALL the aspects of your business and don’t hire a team.

I mean, personally surmount the challenges that are in the way of your business’ success, like a drug addiction, by taking it head on and training your weaknesses.

That’s different than recognizing who you need on your team and hiring the right team to support your vision. Don’t confuse the two and be like:

“Noah told me to train my weaknesses. I am really weak at making websites. Actually, I’ve never done it before so I’m going to spend 7 weeks making a crap website by myself.”

That’s not what I am saying! I had only brought that up because I’ve done that myself. I’ve seen SO many people do that. It’s such a common mind set to learn everything. It’s NOT the way to do it.

So, train your weaknesses – number one. Number two is to hire a very DYNAMIC team that supports the vision.

That was my free business coaching for you today.

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To Your Success,

Noah Hammond

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