Avoid Business Failure with this Simple Tip!

Avoid business failure and life failure with this one simple tip.

Today, I am going to be talking about how you can avoid business failure. As you may have guessed, I am going to give you one simple tip for doing so.

This has been very helpful for me personally. That’s why I felt like sharing it with all of you.

Avoiding Business Failure – Find Your “WHY”

Many people fail in business because they have a lack of vision of what it is that they are TRULY looking to do. They say “I really want to make some money.”

Making money is great but it does not truly INSPIRE your soul. You need MORE than making money. You need to make MEANING and money will simply come as a by-product.

What that really boils down to is you need to know your “WHY” so that you can do the “WHAT” .

The WHAT represents your day to day tasks; what you actually do of your time. But WHY you do it is what will keep you doing it.

The WHY is the motivation of your daily tasks! What you will receive is money, but why you will receive it is the value you deliver to the world.

The simple tip that I want to give you for avoiding business failure is to create a structure for remembering and keeping a focus on the WHY because it is all that matters. The WHY keeps your soul moving! The WHY keeps you motivated, happy and excited no matter what is going on today.

“Oh, I have to do my taxes.”

“Oh, I do not want to fill out these forms.”

“Oh, I do not want to deal with this customer support.”

“Oh, I do not want to create this new system.”

“Oh, business is hard. I give up.”

The WHY is always there to remind you why you are doing the WHAT.

What I do any time I am getting overwhelmed, any time I am not feeling like doing my WHAT, I take a moment to sit back, relax and in my head I zoom out from myself sitting at my desk (or wherever I am sitting) and I go into a vision of the WHY. What is the WHY?

For me, it’s reaching as MANY people as possible and helping them live their GREATEST potential for this life, whether that be through yoga and their spiritual development, business development, getting in touch with their health, helping them become their own motivational or personal speaker, an amazing family man, or whatever it is. I want to help as many people reach their IDEAL lifestyle and serve their highest good.

So, I zoom out from my desk and I see myself sitting at the desk flying off into the distance.

Then, I IMMERSE myself in this peak-potential training center that I have envisioned that I am creating. I see myself with all these people who have HUGE smiles on their faces because they are all out there making their greatest impact on the world.

They are all creating everything they want to create in their life.

They are all so happy that I persevered through all the boring times, the struggling times or the challenging times.

They are all SO happy that my training is there and being delivered powerfully and that my coaches and all my coaching team is there delivering it all powerfully. All of these are going on. That is my WHY.

I leave the WHAT behind for a moment and I hang out with the WHY.

It’s a universal download of energy that brings me back into my power. Then, whatever silly thing I am doing, whatever e-mail I am writing that is not coming out the way I wanted to at the moment, I get back to work on it happily. I remember my WHY powerfully.

That’s really the reason that people fail in business or in creating their lifestyle in any area. They fail because they forget about the WHY. They take the WHAT, which is easier because it is right in front of their face.

They take the emotional connection with the WHAT and they allow that to be negative.

That is how people fail.

But, if you stay connected to your WHY you cannot ever fail because, no matter WHAT is happening, you can ALWAYS zoom back to the WHY, come back and figure out the WHAT.

It does not matter what’s happening. You can always figure it out. You can always grow as a result. You can always create new systems. You can always develop yourself. You can always surmount the WHAT as long as the WHY is there.

I encourage you to think about your WHY. Everybody‘s WHY is different. Don’t think that your WHY has to be changing the world.

Changing yourself is changing the world.

Everybody’s life purpose is different.

Do not think that my life’s purpose is better than your life’s purpose because I want to change the world and you simply want to have a happy, successful life for yourself. When you change yourself, you Change the World.

We are all here to do different things.

Don’t try to make your WHY different than what it should be AUTHENTICALLY for you. I encourage you to figure out your WHY and any time you are struggling with your WHAT, just zoom out, hang out in the WHY for a little bit AND enjoy yourself. Then, come back EMPOWERED.

This is my main advice for today!

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Noah Hammond

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