Cancer Prevention – A Spiritual Reason People get Cancer and How to Prevent it

Today, we are going to be talking about cancer prevention and the spiritual reason why some people get cancer or other MAJOR life-changing diseases and conditions.

The awareness I want to bring here is about your life’s purpose and life’s calling. You see, very often, diseases like cancer, or extreme traumas like maybe a really horrible accident, another horrible disease, or something like that, those are God’s way, consciousness’ way, or the universe’s way of slapping you in the face and waking you up.

Prevent Cancer by Listening to Life

Now, a specific example that I can give is my own mother who was a very POWERFUL business consultant and who worked herself to the bone to the point where the universe gave her breast cancer.

Basically, took the wind out of her sails and took her feet out from underneath her and was able to shake her awake to change her life’s path to stop overworking herself for a job that was really NOT serving her or her life’s purpose and to turn her on to a life’s path that would!

This happens to a LOT of people. What I want to say about things like cancer or other traumatic or life-threatening diseases and conditions is that I believe they come for two reasons. One is to wake you up. The other is to kill you.

So, if you’ve gotten or know someone who that has gotten or experienced a major life-changing disease like this, it’s your job to deliver to them the awareness that this was meant to wake them up to something GREATER and new.

Ultimately, it’s going to be in their karma if they are ever going to take on their life’s purpose and make the change. What you will most likely see in people who get hit with cancer and survived, but do not make ANY life changes is they will get reoccurrence and that time they will DIE.

Life is trying to constantly push you in the direction of your life’s purpose.

If you have seen some of my other videos, you know that it gives it to you in the whisper before it gives it to you in the brick.

So, it’s going to whisper:

“Hey, this would be a good idea. You should go live your life’s purpose.”

If you ignore the whisper enough, it’s going to throw a brick at you. If you ignore the bricks, it’s going to drop a HOUSE of bricks on you! Then, people wonder: “Why am I depressed?” Well ,you received bricks all over your head!

So, the house of bricks is cancer or some horrible injury or occurrence in your life that brings you totally out in the open, totally VULNERABLE and finally into a space where you might consider reinventing yourself.

One possible way to prevent cancer is to listen to life and to TRULY value the little hints that come. Allow them to twist and turn and shape your life’s path so that you are flowing with life.

I encourage you to look at some of my other videos where I talk about being in life’s flow and how to listen to life. That’s going to help you avoid these traumatic occurrences.

I hope this has been helpful. I hope that it has brought your awareness to a potential of why some people end up with cancer or other horrible diseases like these. I hope it lets you see it in a new light and see the potential and the definite upside to diseases like these – the rebirth or reinvention that can occur as a result of traumatic situations like these.

I hope that maybe it has touched you and allowed you to share this with somebody else who this advice is pertinent to. A lot of people unfortunately are dealing with cancer nowadays. So, I hope this can help prevent some cancers out there. I hope that it can help heal some people after cancer.

As always, please I encourage you to comment below. Share your thoughts. Let me know if this has been helpful. Let me know what you are thinking.

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Noah Hammond

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