Change my Life – How Can I Change My Life For The Better?

Today, we are going to be talking about how you can change your life. How can you change your life for the better? We are not talking about going worse here. We are talking about BETTER. This is one simple tip and like I said you are only about a couple of minutes away from knowing it all so, I am going to give it to you right now!.

Here is the easiest way to change your life for the better.

Schedule Your Improved Life!

Start scheduling things that will change your life for the better. Yes, that’s it!

Start scheduling things that you feel will change your life for the better. The beautiful part about scheduling things that bring you up is that eventually, the things that take you down will not fit in your schedule anymore.

“Sorry, I am too busy doing things that improve my life.”

If you start scheduling things that improve and change your life for the better, you are GUARANTEED to succeed. That’s it. That is all you have to do.

Everything else will work out how it should if you commit to this one thing of:

“Every day, I am going to schedule three things that move me forward, that improve my life.”

“Every day, I am going to schedule five hours of time that improves my life. The rest of it, I leave up to chance. But for five hours, I have very specific things I am going to do that I know improve my life.”

This can include reading books that are going to improve your life; taking trainings that are going to improve your life; being with people who are where you want to be and giving value to them the same way they give value to you.

Walks in nature improve your life. Meditation improves your life. Cooking and eating good healthy foods improves your life. Sunshine improves your life. Drinking lots of water improves your life. Yoga and exercise improve your life. Doing things that are active and expansive and that improve your mind and body will all improve your life.

You may also need help to learn how to set goals, in which case you should check this video!
So start scheduling them. What is a new hobby that you might want to do? What is a new thing that you have never done before that you think might add something?

Schedule it in. Eventually, “hanging out with this person who sucks my energy”, there is no more time for that. “Watching this TV program that pollutes my brain”, you start running out of time for things like that. Your life takes off.

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