Change Your Life – What Story are You Telling?

Today, I want talk about how you can change your life by figuring out and identifying what story you are telling and then, changing that story to be one that SUPPORTS the life you desire.

What Story Am I Telling?

The story you are telling is more than your thoughts. It’s your actions, feelings, and everything in your current reality. Everything in your current reality is a reflection of the story you are currently telling yourself.

Let’s take some EXTREME examples.

Someone who grew up in a terrible neighborhood and the only ideas around them are about violence, ignorance, or the fact that life is hard, etc. They are going to be telling themselves the story that life is hard, there is no way out, and that this is how life is.

As a result, their life is going to look that way.

Now if you take someone who is INDREDIBLY, wildly successful like Richard Branson. What story does he tell himself?

He lives in a story where life is ABUNDANT, where ANYTHING is possible if you go for it, where you’ve got to live your passion, where life is about progress, and where you can have, be, and do WHATEVER you want.

The real difference between these two people and the two INCREDIBLY different realities that they are experiencing is the story they are telling themselves. Your story manifests as a result of your thoughts and your psychology.

What thoughts are you thinking? Do think that life is hard? Or, do you think life can be abundant?

Do you think life is abundance? Do you think that life is a struggle? Or, do you think that life is a passionate, playful expression of your purpose on this planet?

So, your story is your thoughts, but also your feelings and your vibrations.

Do you wake up every day feeling sad, depressed, hopeless, or lost? Or, do you wake up every day feeling excited, tapped in, turned on, happy, joyous, and grateful? That is part of your story.

Also, it’s your filters and judgments. Do you judge at all? Or, do you have NO judgments and allow for the flow of life? If you are judging, you are actually RESISTING what life is trying to show you. If you have judgments, you are turning off possibilities. And, that’s part of your story.

Suspending judgments and criticisms is also the best way to increase your personal power!

All the different aspects of your life, your behaviors, psychology, and emotional vibration may all culminate to be the story that you are telling.

People make the mistake of identifying themselves as their story. You are not your story. You are not who created this life, right here and now. That’s who you WERE. Right NOW, you are infinite possibility. Who you are in the future is infinite possibility.

So even if you are in jail right now, you are not a criminal. You WERE a criminal. You have been a criminal. Who you are right now is infinite possibility. Who you will be in the future is infinite possibility.

We have to take away this MISTAKEN identification with our story as us.

We have to see if the story that we are telling is creating a life that we truly desire. Is the thought that I am thinking, the things that I am expressing and saying, is the input that I am taking from the television I may or may not be watching or the books that I may or may not be reading, are these SUPPORTING my transition to living the story that I want to live?

What story am I telling myself? Where am I telling myself:

“I can’t, it is not possible, this is how it is, or this is who I am”?

Where am I reinforcing a story that does not serve me?

If you want to change your life, you want to change your story. What story are you living in? This is the worst question: “Is it possible?”…

It always is!

I am living inside a story that I am reaching millions of people, that I am delivering hundreds of millions and billions of dollars in value to the world by changing the lives of millions of people in a positive way.

I am living in a story where I am constantly nourished by nutritious foods; where I have a loving, expressed, expansive, and intimate relationship; where my physical body is in PEAK physical condition and keeps my energy up very high.

I create this story through my own visualizations, affirmations, gratitude list and the things that I do to keep myself inside of that full awareness.

I am living inside a story where I have millions of dollars to create the change that I want to see in the world and to pass other people the information they need to live their peak potential.

I am living inside of a story where I have a peak-potential training center where hundreds of people at a time can come to stay to learn how to achieve their peak-potential in any area of their life.

I live inside that story more often than I live inside a story of the things I do not know how to do yet, the things I can’t do yet, the things that I haven’t done in the past, or the things that are holding me back.

That’s not my story. That WAS my story.

Now, my story is what I want it to be. You can do the same.

The really great ways to change yourself and change your story is contained in the Instant Achievement Blueprint, which is my step-by-step system for getting crystal clear on the reality that you would like to create for yourself, using VERY simple, effective techniques for creating that reality.

It’s a step-by-step process for setting, learning, and achieving anything that you want, any of your life’s desires, whatever it is that is your motivation. It’s going to help you figure that out and actually go out there and ACHIEVE that.

If you want to change your life, you want to change your story.

If you want to have a powerful, effective way to change your story, I suggest you getting involved with the Instant Achievement Blueprint, which you can learn all about in a free video seminar by going to

That’s my advice for today.

I hope that it has been helpful. I hope that you can see where your story might be holding you back from living the life that you truly desire and from achieving the greatness in all areas of your life, in all ways that you deserve it.

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To Your Success,

Noah Hammond

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