Critical Thinking – Improve Critical Thinking with this Simple Tip!

Today, we are going to be talking about critical thinking and how you can MASSIVELY improve your critical thinking with this one simple tip.

The way I absolutely LOVE to structure and implement critical thinking in my life as a daily part of my existence is with something I call the “How to” board. It’s VERY simple.

The Power of A Simple Board!

All I have is a white board on the wall that is designated as my “how to” board. Primarily, what’s up there are “how to” questions that I do not yet know the answer to. Now, why is this SO helpful to your critical thinking?

I was going through a Tony Robbins course where he brought up a really valid point. He said:

“The quality of your thoughts is primarily what makes up the quality of your life”.

Particularly, he said that what our brain does is answer questions. So, if you give your brain poor quality questions to answer you will have a poor quality life. For example, if you ask your brain a question:

“Why am I so fat?”

Well, you are going to get answers that look like:

“You are lazy. You are dumb. You cannot help yourself from eating. You are a loser.”

Poor questions get you poor answers.

But, if you take some of your awareness to CRITICALLY thinking more often, you are going to start to get some CRITICAL answers. These are generally the answers that move your life forward the FASTEST, the most powerfully, and the most progressively.

Once the answers to these questions become known, you start to see a DRASTIC improvement in your life.

It’s very simple. If you feed your brain quality questions, you will get quality answers and you will live a quality life.

This is exactly why critical thinking is SO important. This is exactly why the “how to” board has really impacted my life.

Now, this is something I have only started doing about six weeks ago, but I can tell you that in only that short amount of time I have already filled up this huge white board three times with how-to questions that upon writing them, I didn’t know the answers to.

But over time, over the next couple of days, or maybe the next week, maybe even two weeks, simply by looking at that board for five minutes a day and allowing the answers to enter into my life, I have wiped out boards full of how-to questions that I did not know the answers to previously.

One important little tip. I will tell you about how to use the how-to board is do not stress yourself trying to get the answers immediately. Do not write “How to (blank)?” and then “Hmmm…I got to know this!”

It does not quite work like that. This would create stress around the board and you don’t want to have to start dealing with stress.

It’s helpful that you bring your awareness to these things several times per day. It’s going to help you CONSTANTLY have your sub-conscious mind and awareness working on these problems.

I can’t tell you how many times I have come up with an answer in the shower, during a workout, or while doing something COMPLETELY unrelated.

That’s the real power of the how-to board. Simply by looking at it a couple of minutes a day and keeping these things in your awareness, your subconscious faculties will be actively working and solving these problems.

The main advice is to avoid trying to force it and to ALLOW it to come through.

That is my tip for your increased critical thinking – the how-to board. It is a super simple structure for putting daily critical thinking into your life and for improving your life through quality questions and quality answers.

Let me know what are some of the how-to’s that are going up on your how-to board! Leave me the comment below.

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