Dealing with Stress? Think Less.

Today’s video is quick because I wanted to talk about how to deal with stress by thinking less.

This comes from an advice I received from my Guru who told me:

Thoughts are the poison

Thinking and thoughts are the poison.

How to Keep Stress Away

This is becoming more and more pertinent and OBVIOUS in our world. People are getting more and more stressed out. We are getting more and more inundated with all the different inputs. We got social media, TV, streaming, work, email, and chat.

People are calling us. It’s a complete sensory OVERLOAD on our brains.

The reason that thinking is the poison is because thinking will keep you running around and around inside your head, inside the ego.

Inside this present moment, inside here and now, there is NO thinking about the future. There is NO worry about the past. There’s no anxiety. There’s no discontent. There is only PRESENCE.

To experience the joy and the bliss of that presence, it takes NOTHING in the mind and everything from the heart. To be present in the here and the now to deal with stress, simply think less and connect it down to your heart more.

Here’s a simple visualization that actually helps me achieve this.

See your consciousness, as maybe a glowing orb at the center of your head, see it travel down into your heart and sit there. Be there, inside your heart.

See the moment starting to liven up and the increase in beauty of the current moment and of how things look right now. See if your stress does not start to melt away.

This is going to have other benefits for you besides making your life less stressful. It’s also going to allow you to connect to other human beings more powerfully. It’s also going to allow your energy to EXPAND. And, it’s going to allow you to tap into your intuition – your intuitive instincts – much more clearly.

Over eighty percent of the top CEO’s who were surveyed said that above all else, they trust their gut intuition when making critical decisions. That has absolutely NOTHING to do with thinking.

Even one of my very good friends who is a very successful person was just discussing about looking at a possible new business venture. He laid out all the possibilities. He had all the conversations necessary. He did all the due diligence necessary. Then ultimately, he did not do the business decision because he did not feel right. That was his decision.

So, with ALL the diligence and thinking, it really gets trumped by feeling. That just shows you the importance of your feelings and of being able to sit inside your heart on a business level.

But on a life level, in your everyday existence, it’s going to allow you to remove a TON of stress. When you are at the mall and you know you’ve got to be quick because you have to pick up the kids. Then, you’ve got to cook dinner. And, you are thinking about all these things.

All those things are going to happen, regardless if you are thinking about it or not. But if you are thinking about it right now, man are you going to be stressed out. Try to relax and learn how to have fun!

Flow through your day. Try to calm your mind. Sit inside your heart. Keep your mind as empty as possible as often as possible. And see how much more presence you get to enjoy, how much life you get to actually live, and how much stress gets removed from your existence.

This is my main advice for today!

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Noah Hammond

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