Dualism – Harness the Power of Dualism for Lifelong Success!

Today, I want to bring some attention to dualism and to the dualistic reality that we are currently experiencing.

There is good and evil, hot and cold, right and wrong, man and woman, yin and yang – all of these dualistic concepts – how can they empower you with their acknowledgment?

Dualism – Without The Bad, We Can’t Appreciate The Good

The way that understanding dualism can bring success into your life is that it’s going to allow you to surrender to the bad when the bad shows up. It’s going to allow to surrender to the FAILURES. It’s going to allow you to surrender to the ebb and flow of the dualist reality that we live in.

Ultimately, this dualism is creating DESIRES, which create EXPANSION.

If we only had happiness, we would never think outside the box of our current reality to create something new. If sadness did not exist, we would not be looking to create newer and different versions of happiness.

This dualistic reality is allowing us to maintain persistence even when we face the worst failures.

Everybody’s version of happiness looks different, but the underlying motivation for CREATING that happiness is the fact that sadness is the other side of happiness. Light or positivity is the counterpoint of negativity.

So, we strive to be positive people. We strive to output POSITIVE change in the world. We strive to make ourselves the best we can be.

But without a downside to that, will we take action in that way? Probably, not!

If we were simply sitting in blissful awareness with nothing but positivity and happiness and NO dualistic counterpoints, we would be of very little action because we would be so content and so present. We would not have ANY desire to change anything.

So, thought would stop expanding. Reality would stop expanding. Change would stop occurring. You know that you are only either growing or dying. Reality would stop to recede.

The dualistic reality, the nature of this world that we are in, propels us forward. It propels us to be greater than we have EVER been before.

When these failures or setbacks show up, or these sad, depressing, angry things come up, understand that they are EMPOWERING you to be able to experience the happy things, the successes, joy, peace, and clarity.

Without them, the positive side could not exist.

It’s like a fish in the ocean does not have a concept of the ocean. So if we were nothing but happiness, we would have no concept for happiness. It would only be.

So, enjoy the dualistic reality that we are in.

I hope that that allows you to surrender a little bit more to these bad things that happen around us and maybe, even bring appreciation to them. Avoid resentment and simply say:

“Thank you for showing me what I don’t want. Now, I know so clearly what I DO want. Now, I am so motivated to create what I do want. Now, I am so passionate about achieving what I do want because I know what it feels like to be over there.”

Maybe, you can transition into an embracement of the negative parts of this dualistic reality. Maybe, it can bring you to greater heights than you have EVER experienced before.

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