Eat Pray Love – The Scientific Reason to Pray on Before you Eat!

Today, I am going to be talking about the scientific reasons why you should pray on your food before you eat. This video is about eat, pray, and love.

We are going to put all of this LOVE into our food and it is for a very scientific reason.

Eat Pray Love – Pray Before You Eat to Create Love

In the introduction, you saw a food prayer that I’ve gotten from my guru. Basically, the English translation of it is that you are looking at eating as a spiritual act. Eating the food is allowing you to find God and to continue on your path towards seeking God and enlightenment.

That’s only a rough translation. I don’t want to spend the time giving you a word for word.

That is a SPIRITUAL reason to pray on your food before you eat. What I want to give you is the SCIENTIFIC, Westernized reasons. There is a scientific reason why you should pray on your food.

Let’s think about it logically for a second. There are SO many cultures and religions throughout the world that have encouraged people to pray before they eat.

Here in the West, I know at least for myself, I grew up thinking that praying before you eat was another thing that came from the books that told you how to live the right way…

Otherwise, you will go to this fiery place where everything sucks for all eternity. So, it was another thing that I rebelled against. Why would I do that? That’s another way to try to CONTROL me. That is what some religions have taken and done with it.

But there are very scientific reasons and logically, from a macro perspective, I want you to think:

“Well, if there are so many cultures that encourage this behavior around the world, maybe there IS something to it?”

It turns out, there is.

Back in the 1960’s and 1970’s, there were many scientists who were studying the behavior of plants…

They were looking into the fact that plants have feelings and actual consciousness. They confirmed this through many tests and tests that were similar to a polygraph.

They could confirm that a plant indeed feels fear before it is about to be burned, maimed or eaten. A plant would EVEN feel a reaction if another plant is damaged in its presence.

Beyond that, they have proven that this reaction TRANSCENDS three-dimensional space-time.

A plant in one room, covered in concrete to make sure there is no possibility that magnetic fields could be the reason for this reaction, still has a reaction when another plant in another COMPLETELY isolated chamber is harmed, burned or maimed.

So, these plants are all CONNECTED with a one-singularity consciousness, the same way human beings are. They REACT to each other. They react to us.

When you are about to eat a plant, that plant will have a physical, measurable and fearful reaction. It goes into a state of fear. It’s a living thing. It would prefer to stay as a living thing. It’s about to be not a living thing anymore and so, there is a fear reaction.

But the amazing thing is, when you feel that plant with love and gratitude, by simply putting your intention into it, saying:

“Thank you. I appreciate you. I love you and I honor you.”

It relaxes out of that fear reaction. This is all shown and demonstrated through Western science, scientific research, charts and graphs that you can see with your naked eye. If you are interested in finding more about this, just go search on Google and you will find a whole breadth of information about it.

I also have another tip on nutrition, which can help you learn how to get more energy.

So, this is the scientific reason why we need to pray on our food before we eat it. It relaxes out of its fear state and it more readily contributes to your vibration.

It eases into the process. Instead of fighting it and being fearful, it says:

“OK, let’s go.”

It JOINS your body. The nutrition absorbs into your body more readily, willingly, and joyously. So, there is a better state of harmony going on.

From the extremes, if you look at eating an animal that was killed in an inhumane way or maybe lived a really terrible life, it has all that FEAR in its muscle tissues.

That’s why it’s a bad idea to eat factory-farmed beef that has been stuffed with hormones, lived in a dark box its whole life, and then was put down a conveyor belt where it KNEW it was about to die and was FREAKING out.

That’s the extreme example, but if you want to learn some tips on how to become vegetarian, I’ve made another short video on the subject.

On a less extreme example, even with plants and with all organic material, it has a fear reaction.

So, do we want to eat the fear? Or, do we want to eat something that is pleasantly harmonious? We always want to put in positive vibrations into our body and that comes in the form of thoughts, food, water, etc.

You do not have to do an EXTENSIVE and elaborate prayer like what I do. I do the prayer like what I did in the introduction before every time I eat.

But, simply take a moment to put your hands over your food and project some gratitude into it, send it the vibration of appreciation and love. Then, it is going to relax out of any kind of fear state and the nutrition becomes more readily available to your body.

You are not putting fear into your body. You are only putting LOVE and GRATITUDE. Ultimately, this will be the vibration of the universe. So, it is all about the vibration.

Take a moment to be appreciative of your food, to show it gratitude and love.

If you have any more interest in this topic, go and search Google. You will find plenty of information about it.

That is my advice for today of the scientific reason on why we should pray on our food. I am going to get into some more gratitude reasons why this really helps your lifestyle as well, in a video that is coming out shortly.

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