Emotional Healing – How to Heal after Deep Spiritual Work

Today, we’ll talk about healing.

I am going to be talking about how you can tell when healing is necessary. We are talking about how you can release all the negative emotions and why this is so NECESSARY. I will be sharing it from my personal experience.

Emotional Healing – A Necessary Step to Avoid Depression

Releasing negative energy is a by-product of doing any deep self-development or spiritual exploration. For me, this came out most powerfully at the end of my Vipassana meditation. In this experience, I spent ten days in a silent meditation retreat in Joshua Tree, California.

During those ten days I meditated for about twelve hours a day, every day. We were using these specific meditation techniques that Gautama Buddha used to enlighten himself. It was a very powerful process. I dug up all this old trapped, spiritual garbage and I brought it out to the surface. I felt AMAZING afterwards.

When I was driving home with my friend, we were on cloud nine. We felt INCREDIBLE. I felt twenty pounds lighter.

But when I got home though, I got back to the world and I realized I was in this very fragile state.

I got on my motorcycle and I couldn’t stop thinking: “Whoa, does it always go this fast?”

It freaked me out.

I was out at the farmers market buying vegetables and people talking around me were freaking me out. The whole world was freaking me out! I was in this completely fragile place…

What I realized is that I had brought all these old spiritual garbage out to the surface. But it happens every time you’re doing deep self exploration.

This will happen every time you release any negative emotion using different techniques. You’ll learn in the third video of my miniseries on Mastering your Emotions, releasing negative Human Emotions one of my best tools: the Core technique.

When you’re doing deep self-development work, there is always going to be a by-product of all the old material that you need to let go. I had to learn this lesson the hard way because I basically spent one to three months in a state of depression.

When you dig those emotions out, they sit on the surface and that’s when you are experiencing them.

When you are in a depressed mood, it actually means that these emotions are on the surface and ready to release. They are as close to being released as possible.

The worst kind of depression is the one that is DEEP and BURIED inside your heart. It’s not even visible. That’s the worst kind.

When it is out on the surface, you have a fighting chance. You can let go of it. It is there, ready to be experienced. It is ready to be witnessed. It is ready to be RELEASED.

I spent several months not quite understanding what was going on with me, feeling a lack of confidence and motivation.

I was losing my place and my power in the world.

BUT, there’s a fun part. This is how you HEAL. This is how you take care of yourself in these situations when you do deep spiritual work.

You are releasing the emotions…

How to Emotionally Heal? – Love & Run

It’s really two parts. First is to run, the second is to love yourself.

When I say run, I mean run your ass off! This helped me so much.

I would wake up and get these waves of depression. The friend who did it with me was just as bad, if not worse…

He was getting hit by waves.

Therefore, I would go to the beach and I would tell my depression to go to hell! I would sprint, gas out, grab my breath and sprint again. Then I would gas out, sprint again, and again until I could not sprint anymore.

After all that energy and all that movement, you’re not depressed anymore, I promise you.

So when you have this depression, whether doing deep spiritual work or not, if you are depressed, go sprint your ass off. I guarantee you by the end of it, you won’t be depressed anymore because all that energy, sitting on the surface, is releasing…

While you are sprinting and breathing deep, experience all this white light flashing through you and all this DARK energy shooting off of you. You’re going to blast it all away.

The other part, the love part is to take care of yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Treat yourself to good meals, plenty of sleep, sunshine, water, good thoughts, positive affirmations, good-feeling people, good music, good movies and lots of laughter

Nourish your soul.

Whether you are doing deep spiritual work or not, these two processes (loving yourself and running your ass off) will take care of these depressed feelings.

If you are depressed, even if you’re not doing spiritual work, get out there. Run! Get good water and good sunshine. I guarantee you. You can BEAT depression with only those things.

I hope this has been helpful.

This is my main advice for today!

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