Mastering Your Emotions Part 1 – Understanding Emotions

Heal old emotional traumas, understand yourself in an ENTIRELY new way, and get the tools you need for success in all areas of your life. Join me for this three-part series on Mastering Your Emotions and you can expect to receive all that and more.

I am INCREDIBLY excited to get you this information.

I can tell you that if this is the only one of my video that you will ever watch, it would be the BEST investment of your time that you could ever make.

These tools, this understanding and this discussion that I am about to have over the course of these three short videos are the most POWERFUL self-development knowledge I have ever come across.

In the past two to three years, as I have been implementing this in my own life, it has DRASTICALLY changed my understanding of myself, my ability to succeed and to empower myself in all situations and at ALL times.

That’s exactly what I‘m looking to pass on to you. I hope you are excited. Do pay attention.

What are Emotions? – They are More than Feelings!

The first thing you need to learn is the basic understanding of what are emotions. I’ll break it down very simply for you.

Emotions are energy in motion. E-motions, right?

What most people do not understand and are a little foreign to is that these emotions are not only feelings, they are ENERGY. Much like everything else you see in the world is energy. When you break it all down EVERYTHING is energy.

These emotions are not only a concept. They have a PHYSICAL energy to them. That’s going to be critically important later on when you learn more advanced concepts and some of the tools we are going to use for TRULY mastering our emotions.

Right now, understand that emotions are an actual energy and that when you feel them, there is an energy PULSING through your body. Like the physical walls that govern this universe, energy can’t be created or destroyed. It can only change forms.

Emotions – The REAL Guiding System!

When you feel an emotion, it’s actually your sub-conscious triggering an energetic conversation for you.

This transition is another basic idea that you need to understand. Our emotions are our guidance system.

It is our sub-conscious’ way of communicating with our conscious mind and guiding us in the direction that our life would like to go.

It’s basically the co-creative force we talked about in my previous video entitled “Who Am I? – How to Know You Are the Soul”.

Our own sub-conscious mind is SO much more powerful than our conscious mind. Emotions are all of those COMBINED to guide us in the right direction.

Now, how is it guiding us?

All you have to do is to listen and pay attention to your emotions. If you are feeling a bad emotion, it’s NOT this horrible feeling you want to ignore or try to run away from.

It is actually there as a MESSAGE. This message is telling you what you want to have in your life and what you want to AVOID.

Why is that message so critical? Because on the other side of that emotion, you’ll always find what you DO like. If getting a bad grade on a test makes me feel terrible, that is the bad emotion. How can I get away from that bad emotion?

The question you need to be asking yourself every time you are feeling a bad emotion is “What does that mean I want? What does that mean I desire?”

A bad emotion always has an opposite. So, if getting a bad grade on a test made me feel like crap, then it makes me realize “OK, I really do not like getting bad grades on tests.” It means that I certainly like the opposite: “I do like getting good grades on my tests. That makes me feel GREAT.”

This situation’s making me feel like a failure and that has a certain emotional frequency. It does not feel good inside. There is the opposite emotion that makes me feel like a success which has much a DIFFERENT frequency. It makes me feel great.

Likewise, when you feel good emotions, your body is telling you: “Yes! Do more of that! Do more of that!”

Right now, I am shooting this video and I am feeling a great emotion come through me. It’s an emotion of service, giving and gratitude. So, I know that standing in front of this camera and delivering every piece of knowledge I possibly can is only adding to my life.

Every time I do it, life says “Good job. Keep doing that.”

That’s why it’s a guiding system. If standing in front of this camera right now felt awful, I would stop doing it. That would be my sub-conscious mind and the world guiding me towards my true life’s purpose.

Now, do NOT mistake a lack of confidence for a bad emotion…

If the reason it felt bad to be in front of this camera was because I was UNCONFIDENT and unsure of myself, it wouldn’t be my guiding system speaking. It would be old programming and old blockages getting in front of my path.

Then, it would be INAUTHENTIC to think that my emotional guiding system said not to stand in front of the camera.

That‘s what we are going to resolve with the information you’ll learn in part two and part three of this mini-series.

Right now, I want you to understand that these emotions are here to guide you. They are here to send you in the RIGHT direction at ALL times.

The most beautiful part about them, the most AMAZING and fantastic part about them is that they NEVER lie.

Your brain will mess you up. It will tell you things and then will backward rationalize something else. Then, it will put other variables in the equation in order to justify something, in order to keep you small and keep you from moving forward. Your emotions will NEVER do that…

Your emotions will always tell you the truth.

They will always say “This feels crappy” when it feels crappy. They will always say “This feels great” when it feels great. Aside from taking drugs, they never lie.

It’s a guiding system that we can truly depend on. It’s the only guiding system that you can truly depend on, ESPECIALLY moving forward in this world as we become more heart-centered as a species. That’s off-topic but you got to depend on your emotional guiding system above ALL else.

That is the bottom line. Your emotions do not lie to you. Your emotions tell the truth and they are going to take you where you WANT to go in life.

For right now, understand that e-motions are energies in motion. Understand that they are a guiding system designed to tell you WHERE you want to go and to show you what is sending you in the right direction and what is not.

Follow me on part 2 of this mini-series: Mastering Your Emotions Part 2: How to Control Emotions

We are going to get into the evolution of your emotional consciousness and what that means. We are going to take you from the place that you are probably at right now, which is actually a very reactive reality, to an empowered conscious reality. That is the next step in your emotional processing.

This is my main advice for today!

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