Energy Efficient – How to Become Energy Efficient in Life!

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Today, we’re going to be talking about how to be energy efficient in life. It’s a very simple tip but it could have very profound impact on the results that you see in your life.

Energy Efficiency – How Does it Work?

Very often, we take action without first aligning our energies. We take inefficient action because we are not in alignment.

What I mean by that is having agreement between our conscious mind, our sub-conscious mind, and our spiritual self. We take action BEFORE we allow those things to align and as a result we take ineffective and inefficient action.

The way to be energy efficient in life is to allow time, space, and structure for your energies to get in alignment before you take action.

Now, what would this look like – the issue that we’re talking about?

It looks like people who spin their wheels. You all know somebody who‘s got ten different jobs, but they can’t even make ends meet. They make a little money over here, a little money over there, and a little money over there.

They are not in alignment with their truth. They are taking rapid action out of fear, out of scarcity, or out of the NEED to make money. So, they make a little money over here, a little money over there, and a little money over there and they spin their wheels.

They are not taking EFFICIENT action. They’re not taking aligned actions. They’re not energy efficient. They’re not living a life they could truly live. They are ultimately UNHAPPY and UNSATISFIED.

Those people simply do not know how to work effectively.

Whereas, if that person maybe took a week to reflect on what their life’s purpose is; what they would TRULY like to contribute to the world; how they could impact people’s lives; what resonates with their truth; what feels good to them; what skills do they have; and what actual actions they could take…

If they took the time to ask these deep questions and align their energies, they might then take a whole new course of action that is PROFOUNDLY more effective, incredibly more energy efficient, and WAY more self-serving for your own personal happiness, effectiveness, and joy.

I will point you in the direction of the Instant Achievement Blueprint because the whole first chapter is all about alignment, giving you SPECIFIC processes for getting in alignment with your conscious & sub-conscious mind and spiritual self, finding your purpose in life, and understanding how to get in alignment, so that you can take EFFICIENT action.
That’s the main advice that I really wanted to deliver to you today.

Tell me, where are some areas in your life that you’re not being energy efficient? Where do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels?

I would love to impart some wisdom on your comment. Maybe, share a blind spot that you’re not seeing. Or, maybe give you a course of action to help you out.

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