Entrepreneurship – My Greatest Lesson from Four Years of Entrepreneurship

Today, I am going to be talking about entrepreneurship and I am going to be sharing the biggest lesson that I have learned in my four years, so far, as an entrepreneur.

What I want to let you know is that this is a VERY common problem especially, for the spiritually-focused, impact-focused entrepreneurs. If you are the type of entrepreneur who REALLY wants to make an impact in the world, who really wants to make a POSITIVE change out in the world, this is such a common problem.

Money – The Foundation of Your Impact

It took me several years to recognize the ways in which I was participating in this problem myself. So, listen up. This could save you a lot of time and a LOT of struggle.

The common problem that I see with entrepreneurs, particularly spiritual entrepreneurs, is that they do not set their foundation. If you want to be in business, you need to make money.

Now, I spent a long time making a lot of impact and giving a lot of value out to the world without the proper structure or foundation below that in order to receive an equal amount of financial return, which then fuels the business and allows it to cause an even GREATER impact.

As a conscious, spiritual-centered entrepreneur – someone who wants to make an impact in the world – you have to understand, despite qhat your gut instinct may tell you, that money is in no way evil, bad, or WRONG . Money fuels your vehicle and allows you to make a greater impact and in greater way.

Your first goal is to set up the absolute foundational structure inside your business that gets it off the ground and generating real capital that you can actually go and reinvest into the business to grow it and make it a larger and larger vehicle for your impact out in the world.

A lot of entrepreneurs get caught up in this struggle.

“This is the way it is. Grassroots, man!”

What you need to realize is that capitalism and money is only bad if you use it for the wrong things. If you are using money to suppress people and to keep other people out of living their true potential, then yes, that’s bad.

But, if you are using money to make a positive change in the world, it is your job to CREATE the proper structure that fuels that machine to create greater, greater and greater change.

The advices I want to give to you and the foundation of your new career as an entrepreneur or your blossoming career in entrepreneurship is go where the money is INSTANTENEOUS.

Where in your business can you IMMEDIATELY begin generating capital? Where can you leverage your current skills and talents, the things that you currently have in place that you can offer out into the world in order to generate capital?

Now, the way you generate capital might not be fully aligned with the impact that you are looking to make in the world. But, if you leverage that capital and allow yourself to ease out of alignment in order to create that capital, you can take that fastest route to money and leverage that money off into your impact and grow that vehicle that creates that impact RAPIDLY and profoundly.

The hardest money to make in your business is the first ten thousand dollars per month. Once you do that, it is all about reinvesting and growing and growing. You start to grow rapidly from there.

So, if you are not currently making that kind of money, I invite you to check out the Get High Impact program, which is a proven step-by-step internet marketing system for creating and selling your high-end offer. It’s a step-by-step system. You get CRYSTAL clear on the service, the coaching, or the value that you offer as an entrepreneur.

It takes you step-by-step on how to get total clarity on it, how to package it, how to actually get it out there to the world in a platform where people are paying you high-end money for your value, and how to get customers to get into that funnel so you can actually create that.

If you are an impact-focused entrepreneur and you are looking to create more money, more capital generated inside your business so that you can create more of an impact out in the world, then I invite you to check that out.

But regardless of what you do, take this advice: “focus directly on generating capital inside your business so that you can really, truly go out and make the impact you are destined to make.”

The last thing I want to see is a bunch of people with great big hearts and super AMAZING intentions and no money to make it happen. There are so many people in that position.

Take this advice and think…

“What is my fastest path to money? How can I access capital as fast as possible?” And, apply that to your business.

I hope this has been helpful. If you got a Aha! moment you would like to share, please comment below. I would love to know what your fastest path to capital is. Maybe, we can put a couple comments down there and give some people ideas of how they can begin moving money through their business.

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To Your Success,

Noah Hammond

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