Exhaustion – The Number One Cause of Exhaustion is Criticism! Here’s Why.

Today, we are going to be talking about exhaustion and why the number one cause of exhaustion, in my opinion, is criticism.

I think criticism is a plague that has WASHED over the Western culture. It has done so through movies, TVs, our media. Criticism is this virus that sucks your energy. That removes your ability to be powerful. It removes your ability to create. It removes your ability to CONNECT with people.

I see it in SO many people. I am so passionate on getting this message out there because I see so many people who have this barrier as a result of bad programming around criticism. AND, what they do not recognize is that they are losing energy rapidly.

So, exhaustion means to be COMPLETELY exhausted of energy. The number one way in our society that I see people losing energy is through acts of criticism, whether that be criticizing themselves or fear of criticism, people lose SO much energy on a daily basis due to criticism.

Get Rid of Criticism and Fill out Your Energy!

The thing about criticism is that it’s an energy vortex that yields no return. It only drains. You put energy into criticism, NOTHING returns.

Now, criticism and the reason people use it – the deeper reason that people criticize – is because they want validation, connection, and want to be heard or acknowledged.

The problem is that you can’t get any kind of connection, validation, or acknowledgement from criticism. It is a TRAP – an egoic trap!

So when you criticize, you spurt your energy down this vortex. Nothing results in the world. It only detracts from the world.

Whatever you are criticizing, you have to experience that criticism first. So you are DETRACTING from yourself. You are detracting from whatever you are criticizing and all the energy is down the drain.

This will cause you some serious exhaustion especially, since we are programmed to think that criticism is “funny” . In Western culture, it is a phenomenon that across the country, people act in a consistently critical manner because that is perceived as humor in our culture.

What I see from people who are affected by this programming is that they have such a wall that there is no authentic connection available to them in their life. They actually have a barrier around their hearts, souls, and bodies.

If you actively criticize all the time, you know what that energy feels like. It’s not a very great feeling energy.

You are subjecting yourself to that. You are subjecting others to that. But, you also recognize how knobby that energy feels. You do not want to feel that yourself and so you are CLOSING, constantly closing. So you are building up armor, a barrier, and a complete wall for people to actually be able to connect to you.

I have seen this in some of this in some of my VERY close friends. I have seen this in people all around the world.

The reason why I am making this video is that I want people to understand that criticism causes exhaustion and it is only programming. You can decide to remove this critical program at ANY time you want.

All you have to do is start reprogramming by catching yourself when you are critical and deciding to do something else instead.

I have given this advice before. This is how I reprogrammed myself several years ago out of this critical, habitual mind frame. All I did, was I went to a public place looking at strangers and spontaneously made up something super positive about every single person I saw.

I recognized that my critical programming was primary and dominant. What I would do is see someone and think:

“Oh, look at that thing. Oh, that guy is a duff.”

So, I flipped it. I went around and I said:

“Oh men, I wish that guy is an awesome grandpa and his grand kids love playing with him.”

“Oh, I bet that girl is a phenomenal cook and she could make a really mean rhubarb pie.”

I came with these ridiculous complimentary things. I did that for a couple of weeks actually. I would make a point to do it at least ten people per day for two weeks straight. It fixed the bad critical program.

This will ENERGIZE you and remove the exhaustion that comes from criticizing everything and being too cool. It will also open up your heart. It will allow you to connect with people. It will allow you to be heard. It will allow you to shine in your authenticity and to appreciate other people’s authenticity.

People will open up around you. People will feel safe around you. Your love life will flourish. Your friendships will flourish. Your business will flourish.

Remove criticism and exhaustion and you will gain these other benefits.

I hope that has inspired you to try my deprogramming activity to remove criticism from your life and experience the energy and vitality that comes with it.

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