Find Friends – Where to Find Conscious, Loving, and Expansive Friends?

Today, we are going to be talking about how to find friends. Most importantly, we are going to be talking about conscious, loving, expansive friends.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about people feeling lost, like they are the ONLY person who is self-actualizing. They are the only person who is waking up; who is experiencing themselves as a multi-dimensional being; who is experiencing themselves as a spiritual person; having a spiritual awakening; and awakening to how the world REALLY works – all these different things.

They feel like they are ALONE. They feel like there is no one else who really understands them or thinks the way they think, or acts the way they act.

I can tell you from personal experience, I’ve been there.

I remember I was living in Pacific Beach, San Diego in California and I was really starting to wake up and understand a lot of new things. I remember, it’s a heavy drinking, party town. It’s not the most conscious place on Earth.

I remember walking around the town one night thinking:

“I am all alone. Nobody understands this. I am all alone. They only all want to drink. They are not even conscious.”

This is a dark place to be. So, I understand where you are coming from.

Finding Friend – Easy if You Look for Them

But, I’m going to tell you that no matter where you are living there is a community of people who are awake, conscious, loving, and trying to be more self-actualized, loving, and awake on a consistent basis – people who are actually taking their life into account from a place of personal power where they say:

“This is how my life looks. This is how I want it to look. I can create that.”

People who are not victims, who are not numb, who are not programmed by TV – there are people like that EVERYWHERE you go. You simply need to know where to find them.

In this video, I’m going to teach you how to find your friends, friends that are expansive, loving, conscious, joyful, and who are moving forward in life and progressing. It’s VERY simple.

Check out some of these places: yoga studios or yoga classes, spiritual churches or centers, any kind of group meditation or meet up group that does Qi gong, Kunlun, Tai chi, what is kriya yoga or any of those types of Chinese or Eastern types of martial arts.
I would even say that cooking classes or dancing classes could also find very conscious loving friends, depending on the kind of cooking class – probably not at the be-the-best-barbecuer class but maybe at a vegetarian class or an Eastern-Asian fusion cooking class.

If you look, people are there. If you do not look, you will feel alone. I felt alone. I told my mom, who’s one of my best coaches:

“Hey, mom! Mom, nobody thinks like I do.”

She said, “Well, what are you doing to go meet those people?”

Here I am a year later with this HUGE community of people who are entrepreneurs and who are here to make an impact to the world.

So, go looking and you will find those types of people. Also, a great place to find those types of people would be in my group coaching programs which you could learn more about at

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As always, please comment below. Let me know if you have some other ideas of where you can find conscious loving people. I am sure everybody else watching this video would appreciate that.

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Noah Hammond

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