Food as Medicine – The Simplicity of Nature

Learn about the true medicine for your body and how you can begin healing yourself with food

Today, we are going to be talking about food as medicine. I am going to be highlighting the simplicity of nature and how BRILLIANT Mother Earth really is.

How Can You Use Food as Medicine – Use What Look Like What You Need

Now, I want to let you know that a LOT of this is inspired by a man named Don Tolman. I took a two-day workshop with him and he is known as the “Indiana Jones of the Whole Food Medicine”.

He is an INCREDIBLE man who has travelled the world going through ancient archives and catacombs finding out all the wisdom of the ancients. He is a master of the way the ancients used to learn, the ancient technologies, as well as how the ancients used to use food as their primary medicine.

This man has healed EVERYTHING.

He has healed people with paralysis, people on their deathbeds with cancer and heart disease. He has declogged arteries. He has healed flesh-eating diseases where the hospital wanted to cut people’s legs off. He did it all with nothing but natural foods. He has been doing it for YEARS.

If you have any interest in learning more about this, I would suggest going to Don Tolman’s Website and checking out his books and products. The man is incredibly wise.

What I want to highlight in today’s video is the simplicity of nature and how you can start recognizing your food as medicine.

Basically, it’s very simple.

Food looks like what it supports in the body. Nature has designed it so that we can very easily understand it. Think about it.

If you cut open a carrot, the circular part of it looks like an iris of an eye. Carrots are good for the eyes. If you cut open a tomato, it looks like the four chambers of the heart. Tomatoes are good for your heart.

Kidney beans are good for your kidneys. Walnuts, they kind of look like a brain. They are good for your brain. Bananas are good for your “banana”. Figs grow on a tree, two on a vine. They have LOTS of little tiny seeds in them; they are good for your “figs”.

Women – avocadoes, they take nine months to grow and they have one large seed in the middle. They are good for your womb. They are good for your reproductive organs. Any single, one-seeded food like mangoes or dates is also going to be good for that.

Food looks like what it helps. Celery, it snaps like a bone. It is good for your bones. The list obviously goes on and on and on.

So, start looking at your food and if you are having issues in a certain area, understand that by eating more of that food, you are going to start serving that area of your body.

Especially, if your diet is certainly narrow and you are not eating lots of variety of food, that’s how you’re going to start getting disease because you’ll start becoming DEFICIENT in certain nutrition.

Because you are not varying your diet, you are not getting the whole range of different nutrition that your body needs.

If you are experiencing disease and you have a very limited diet and you always tend to buy the same thing when you go to the grocery store that means you might be risking deficiency by your lack of diversity.

I would encourage you to start looking at your food for those kinds of things. If you are having ANY kind of serious issues in your life right now, again the products, information and knowledge that Don Tolman offer is INCREDIBLE.

He talks about how to heal heart disease with nothing more than grapefruit. By eating three grapefruits every day, drinking lots of water, and getting lots of exercise you can clear clogged arteries. You take one of the grapefruits, scrape out the white stuff in it and eat that stuff too. It actually heals, repairs and unclogs your arteries.

There is more to it than that…

But please do not take this as medical advice from me. I am going to put a little disclaimer there.


But on Don Tolman’s Website, this guy knows his stuff. If you go look at what he has done, the cancer he has healed and the heart disease. Again, people wanting to amputate this kid’s leg and he healed it with nothing more than honey – raw, organic honey – because nothing can grow in that.

There is an AMAZING capacity for food to be used as your medicine and I encourage you to look into that before you go get inundated with pharmaceutical drugs.

And by the way, there is a LOT more to learn on Natural Medicine.

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