Free Will – Discover the Balance between Fate and Free Will

Today, we are going to talk about free will and the balance between fate and free will.

A lot of people ask what do we REALLY have control of. What is in the divine plan? What is in our human (egoic) realm of control?

This wisdom really comes from one of my good friends, Chris. He probably would not want his last name out there in the world but he is a very wise soul, he meditates for hours and hours a day and has shared so much of his knowledge with me. He gave me the analogy that your life is like a river.

Life is Like a River – The Flow of Life

Life is like a river. Like any river, there are twists and turns. There are shallows, where things are calm. And, there are rapids, where things are pretty crazy. Your life is your own river. It is completely UNIQUE to you. It is your own rapids, shallows, twists, splits and turns.

Imagine you are kayaking down the river of your life. When you are in the rapids, those are points where you really have almost no control. If you are in class-five rapids, you are going where that river wants to take you and there is not much you can do about it.

Now, at the end of the rapids, there is bound to be some shallows, a place where the river eases off where you can paddle around. You could paddle a little bit up the stream if you wanted to. You could paddle off to the side of the banks and take a break. You could take a rest.

In this way, there is an ebb and flow to fate and free will. Free will comes during the points where you are in the shallows. There are options. There are opportunities. There is CHOICE.

Fate comes in the points where you are in the rapids and it does not matter what you want. This is where life is going. Better hold on for the ride.

Fate VS Free Will

Having this awareness is CRITICAL because what I see – not only in my own life but in the lives of the people I coach, the people I support, and my friends and family – is that due to bad programming, to ideas and concepts that had gotten into our minds and habits as a form of programming from society, friends, school, or whatever the case may be, we take INEFFECTIVE action while paddling down our river.

Meaning, sometimes when in the shallows, where life is supposed to take a nice siesta, where things are supposed to be easy and calm for a moment, where you are supposed to recharge and re-gather yourself, sometimes we power-paddle through those shallows.

“Get me back in the rapids!”

But then, you get back in the rapids and you are already spent and EXHAUSTED, not really ready to handle them.

Other times, we are in the middle of the rapids, life is taking us where it wants us to go, but we are resisting. We do not have this awareness. We are trying to paddle against the rapids, which you know would be absolutely IMPOSSIBLE.

So, we are exhausting ourselves trying to hold on to our version of what we think reality should be, to our version of free will, and to telling life how it should look and how it should go for us. We are paddling against those rapids and you can imagine how quickly you become exhausted.

Usually, it is in our exhaustion that we finally SURRENDER into the flow of life, that we finally let go and let flow.

So, my friends I invite you to investigate: Where might you be paddling against the rapids? Where might you be power-paddling through the shallows? And, what could come into your life if you were to release either one of those things?

What would happen if you would let go and let flow in those rapids and you let life show you what MIRACLES have in store for you? What would happen if you allowed yourself to take some ease, comfort and rest inside the shallows and let life show you what it has in store for you?

Ultimately your river, your life, it might have splits, it might have bends but, it is flowing in some general direction. It is taking you to some general destination. It can look like misery all along the way if you want to paddle against those rapids and you want to power-paddle through the shallows.

Or, it can look like peace as you surrender to the ebbs and flows of the rapid, and paddle through intelligently, living your life’s purpose with the ease, flow and grace of someone who has tapped in to the truth of their nature. There is balance between free will and fate.

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Noah Hammond

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