Guided Meditation – Instantly Remove Stress with this Simple Guided Meditation

Welcome to another video with myself, Noah Hammond.

A lot of you have asked me questions about how to meditate. What do you do? How does it work? So, I wanted to take you briefly through a guided meditation that is super simple. You can do it anytime to reduce stress, to drop in at the present moment and to enjoy life more fully, with more peace, more clarity, and more joy.

Now, this is how I start off ALL my group coaching calls in the programs that I run because it brings us to a centered place where we literally sync our vibrations. This mediation is the culmination of all my different mentors. I get little bits and pieces from people all over the place, from Ted McGrath to Matt Simon and people who have worked with them. So, my thanks go out to them as I lead you through this.

The Guided Meditation

Take a moment and close your eyes. Spend the moment being inside your body. There is NOTHING to do in this moment. There is nothing you should be doing. There is nowhere else you should be. You are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be. Just spend the moment inside that space, of being exactly where you are supposed to be.

Now, let us take three deep breaths together. You can “breathe in” whatever you would like but, I like to breathe in love and clarity, or peace, or joy. So, you pick. Breathe in something positive that fills you with light.

As we exhale, release all the negativities, all the blockages, and anything that is in our way of loving our life. Take three deep breaths. Breathe in, hold, and release. Breathe in, hold, release. Breathing in, holding at the top, and releasing everything out, sinking into the present of this moment.

Now keeping your eyes closed, I want you to spend just one minute thinking about everything you are grateful for today. Big or small, it does not matter. List and experience everything that you can think of to be grateful for today. Spend one minute.

Now, keeping your eyes closed, spend one more minute sitting in silent stillness and pure presence.

Finally, as you are ready to slowly bring yourself back out to the world, wiggle your fingers, wiggle your toes, stretch your arms out, whatever you need to do. Welcome back!

So, as you can see that takes about three minutes, max. It drops you into this profound peace. It is SO easy to do.

To recap, start off by sitting still and connecting to your body. Take three deep breaths, inhaling, holding at the top, and releasing. Go right into what you are grateful for that day and sit in silence for another moment, allowing yourself that stillness.

By spending just three minutes centering like this – before a big meeting, if you are feeling rushed, when you feel stressed out or overwhelmed – it can bring you back to balance and really improve the quality of your life.

I hope that has been helpful. I am sending nothing but love and gratitude to you for watching this video. I SO appreciate you being here, for partaking in that exercise, and for sharing it with others.

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Until my next video. Much love!

Thanks and talk soon!

To Your Success,

Noah Hammond

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