Gut Instinct – Use Your Gut Instincts to Live a Magical Life

Today, we’re going to be talking about your gut instinct, and how you can use it to live a MAGICAL life.

Why and How to Trust Your Gut Instinct?

Recently, I went and watched Mission Impossible Four in the movie theaters. I absolutely LOVED it.

It was not because all the actions were so great, or the special effects were so sick, or Tom Cruise is so hot, or any of those things.

What I noticed and what really got me so excited constantly throughout the movie was the fact that EVERY character in that movie was moving on their gut instinct instantaneously with NO filter, at ALL times throughout the ENTIRE movie, inside of life or death situations where they literally were forced to act with that level of gut instinct connection.

So, every time they did it I was thinking:

“Wow! It worked out. What a way to go with your gut. Yes!”

I was SO excited. I hope you’ve seen the movie because, spoiler alert, I’m going to share a scene!

There was one scene where Tom Cruise was hanging off the side of a building and he needs to get back in this window, a hundred and fifty stories up, and his rope was too short.

Without even a moment of hesitation, he goes:


Then, he runs far away from the window and then runs back and does this HUGE back flip to fly right into the window successfully. That was his only option and it was his gut instinct – life or death, instantaneous decision to do that.

I started thinking how much this would serve people in their own life, if they could allow themselves to not filter with the mind, the gut instincts that come to us all the time.

Now obviously, it’s not going to be as ridiculous as Mission Impossible Four where every gut instinct move is a moment where:

“Oh my God, I barely escaped dying.”

But if you could take that awareness and see how you could strive for it, how you could strive to be more authentic with your gut instinct, you would find that you trust yourself more; that you allow more greatness into your life; and that you step more POWERFULLY into these challenges and the opportunities that present themselves throughout your daily situation.

This video is really to let you know that your gut instinct is there for you to tool and it’s correct.

It comes out with MASSIVE amounts of intelligence and clarity, and then, our brain jumbles everything up. So, the more you can trust your gut, the better you’re going to be. You’ll move forward in life, receive more and more siddhis and feel happier and happier!

And, I‘ve said it in other videos that over eighty percent of CEO’s who were surveyed said that the final decision maker is their GUT, whether or not the decision feels right or wrong.

Regardless of all the education they have, the opinions of other people, the consultants, and everything else, it ends up in their guts! Those are the most SUCCESSFUL people in the world.

So, take Mission Impossible, take the CEO’s, or take me, whoever you want to resonate with.

Trust your gut as often as possible. Look for situations in your life where maybe your gut said one thing and then you sat in the paralysis of your mind, analyzing the situation, and maybe ultimately you went against your gut because of logical paralysis.

Start looking in areas of your life where that may have occurred and start looking for opportunities to listen more to your gut. It’s going to serve you in the long run.

Please comment below. Share some of your gut instinct situations where maybe you acted on your gut.

Or, maybe be a little vulnerable and share some situations where you’ve been having yourself be in logical paralysis, not listening to your gut instinct, not listening to your truth, and logically keeping yourself stuck.

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Noah Hammond

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