High Energy – Merging Your Position with Your Passion

Today, we’re going to be talking about how to have high energy by merging your position with your passion.

What do I mean by “merging your position and your passion”?

I mean merging “what you do” with “what you love to do”, merging “what you do to create wealth in your life” with “what you love to do” – your position or job and your passion.

This is CRITICAL for enjoying a life of consistent, high energy. It is ABSOLUTELY critical.

High Performers Have High Energy

I was watching some of the videos from Brendon Burchard’s on his new launch “The High Performance Academy” and he talks about your passion and how your passion is critical to being a high performer.

High performers obviously have high energy.

If you want to have high energy, you want to be a high performer, you need to have merged what you do with what you are PASSIONATE about doing – with your love and your actions.

Today, I want to give you some deeper understanding why this is SO critical so that you can at least feel called to start looking at how you can start to live your passion.

Maybe, you don’t even know what your passion is yet. If that’s the case, I would suggest checking out my product, “The Instant Achievement Blueprint”, because it has got processes in it for aligning with your life’s purpose, understanding your passion, and getting really clear on how to create the life that you truly desire.

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend checking that out.

But in this video, I want to give you deep understanding of why it is SO necessary to live your passion, to merge your position and your passion in order to have high energy.

Think about it.

There is something that you love to do. There is something that turns you ON, that is EFFORTLESS for you to go spend HOURS doing; that it’s a higher calling for you; that feels like your purpose; that drives and motivates you, or that bubbles out of you.

There is something in your life that does that for you. If you can say that if you have nothing like that then, it means that you have to do some soul searching. There are plenty of exercises out there for you to go and find this thing.

But for most of you, you can already identify:

“Yes, there is something like that.”

But you most likely do not make your money doing that thing.

What this is going to do is COMPLETELY cut off your connection to abundance. It’s going to cut you off from the flow of absolute abundance in your life especially, monetarily. It’s going to cut you off from your own SOUL.

What happens when we go to a job that we only “kind-of-sort-of-like”, that we only do for money? When you go to that job, you are essentially ENSLAVING yourself.

Now, it does not feel like that logically because there are TONS of logical reasons to do this:

“Oh, I make good money doing this. I am providing a future for my family. I am doing all these things.”

But, ALL of those things can be done inside of a joyous, empowered, and passionate life once you merge your position and your passion.

A Lifestyle That’s Taking Away Your Energy

The reason this is killing your soul is because we essentially ALL come here with a purpose.

That’s why that thing turns you on. It may be something that completely doesn’t resonate with me that I would NEVER want to do ever.

But for YOU, it’s effortless. It’s fun. It’s exciting. You don’t even care what challenges come up inside of that thing because that’s EXCITING to you.

“Oh, I am doing this new knitting project and this new technique is so difficult. It makes my wrists sore every time. I need to figure out how to do it more effectively.”

I would never want to do that, ever. But you might be out there thinking: “This is awesome!”

That example carries over into ANY area of life.

So, there is a reason that thing turns you on, whereas for me, I have no interest at all because my purpose is what I am doing and your purpose is what YOU are doing.

What I love to do is MY purpose. What YOU love to do is YOUR purpose.

Your purpose could be anything from serving others to a personal achievement.

When you are inside your purpose, high energy flows effortlessly. But when you are not inside your purpose, you are turning off your connection to abundance. You are turning off your connection to the source of your energy and to the reason that you are here on this planet.

We are here to expand thought and to expand conscious reality. It’s a constant expansion and the GREATEST way to contribute to this expansion is by stepping into that thing that you love to do and embracing it as often as possible with as many as your time units as possible.

Time is the only thing that we have a limitation of here on this earth.

So, you need to get your position and your passion merged so that you are not spending a lot of your time units half tapped into your power. And then, if there is time or energy left over (very often there is not), then I’m going to live my true passion.

By the way, if your passion is to help other people, I have a great video on how to help others. Make sure to check that out!

Once you tapped into your passion and make it your position as well, high energy flows effortlessly. You are no longer RESISTING your purpose here.

The Subconscious Way to Generate Energy

On a subconscious level, every hour you spend at a job that you don’t love, that is not connected DEEPLY to your purpose, every hour you spend doing that thing, you are RESISTING your soul.

This resistance creates a lot of tension in the body. It makes you do a LOT of extra work. Most importantly, it does not energize you.

When I finish shooting videos, I have MORE energy than BEFORE I shot them. It’s not:

“Whew, thank God that’s over. Another day at work. Whew, yes!”

That’s what makes it seem so difficult to even live a life that’s so connected to your passion.

“I already have no energy at the end of the day! How am I going to create this transition for myself? How am I going to evolve? Where will I find the energy?”

Again, I would point to the Instant Achievement Blueprint as a very simple and effective way to start looking at these questions in-depth and creating a step-by-step strategy, which is what the Instant Achievement Blueprint is for…

Getting yourself from where you are now to living your passion on a hundred percent CONSISTENT basis.

What this is going to do is allow you to connect with abundance. An abundance of energy, creativity, money, health, happiness, joy, passion, and all these things that are beaming off me right now.

Your passion does not have to look anything like my passion. Your passion is exactly what turns YOU on in whatever way it turns you on, whatever it is that you love to do.

My ultimate advice for today would be to invite you to start thinking:

“What is my passion?”
“How can I connect to it with more of my time?”
“How can I spend more of my time inside my passion?”

The results you are going to get even from only STARTING to explore those questions is an increase in energy.

Even simply being in a place where you are now thinking about creating that passion, you are going to have more energy.

Once you are at your job and you are no longer only working it because:

“This is my awful existence…then I die”

Then, you are going to be working it to create a lifestyle where you live your passion.

You have now energized EVEN that part because you are no longer doing it for no reason, you are not doing it with a purpose. That purpose ALIGNS with your passion. You are trying to align your position with your passion.

There is ABUNDANCE of energy, again, as a result.

I hope that helps you live with higher energy and a higher connection to your true self.

This is my main advice for today!

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Noah Hammond

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