How to Achieve Goals – Being Your Own Biggest Fan

Today, we are going to be talking about how to achieve your goals by being your own biggest fan.

One of the affirmations that is on my mirror, written in sharpening marker or dry erase marker is “I am my own biggest fan”. This is one of the most supportive structures in my life that keeps me achieving my goals. Here is why.

Not only is your average person not their own biggest fan, they are actually their own BIGGEST critic and this will hinder your progress.

Achieving Goals – Flip the Switch from Biggest Critics to Biggest Fan!

Most people are more critical of what they do WRONG to themselves than anybody else in the whole world usually, by multiples of two, three, four, or five times. Most people are FIVE times more critical of themselves than anybody else in the world, if not ten or a hundred times.

For most people, their BIGGEST enemy is themselves because of what they think about what they did. Why it was wrong, why it was bad, why it could have been better and why it was not perfect. How could it be more perfect the next time? What you should have known and what you should have done.

You vomit this venom on yourself all the time and you keep yourself DOWN. You keep yourself from achieving your goals.

By bringing your awareness to this shadow behavior, by putting a spot light on this shadow, you can flip it. You can choose to instead, be your own BIGGEST fan.

When you feel CRITICAL of yourself, you can say:

“What are you doing? You are your own biggest fan!”

Imagine the BIGGEST fan of Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth had the most homeruns. I don’t know if he still does. I don’t follow baseball. But, he also had the most strikeouts. I remember that statistic.

If you were the biggest fan of Babe Ruth, would you ever go out to him after a strikeout and be critical of him?

No. You would go:

“Babe Ruth, you’re the best! Babe, you’re so good! I thought you were going to get a homerun, but you struck out. But, I thought you were going to hit a homerun. You’ll probably get a homerun next time! That was amazing, Babe! Oh, my God!”

That’s how you would act after a strikeout.

So, that’s how you need to act towards yourself after your own strikeout because you cannot EVER hit a homerun if you are not swinging the bat. You cannot EVER make great things happen if you are not also willing to fail miserably.

You need to be on your own side as your own BIGGEST fan, swinging for the fences and celebrating yourself when you fail miserably or your face falls in the mud.

I remind myself of this daily because I am SO guilty of this. Nobody is more critical of me than me. So, every day when I’m looking in the mirror, I take a moment to put my hand up and say:

“I am my own biggest fan.”

I look myself in the eyes and say:

“I am my own biggest fan.”

Also, nobody else in the world can do it like you can do it. Nobody can support you like you can support yourself with this mindset and understanding.

The only other advice I would like to give you in this video is get yourself a coach!

If you want to achieve ANYTHING in your life, you SHOULD have a coach. No matter what that is. We’ve had coaches our whole lives. Our parents were our coaches. Our teachers in school were coaches. Any sport we played, we had a coach. Anything we did in competition growing up, we had coaches.

Then, all of a sudden when we get out of College, we stop getting coached. And we wonder why it is SO hard to make things.

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To Your Success,

Noah Hammond

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