How to Achieve Success – The Power of Surrender

Today, we are going to be talking about how to succeed with the power of surrender.

This is something VERY important to understand if you want to REALLY succeed in your life, whether you want to create the ideal relationship, the next business or abundance of wealth, the physical body you want, or spiritual connection you want.

Whatever area you are looking to work on, the power of surrender is going to help you succeed.

Let’s take the concept apart. This is a quick advice, but REALLY powerful once you implement it in your own life.

How to Achieve Success – Simply Surrender!

Why do we need to surrender in order to succeed?

“To succeed, do we not need to work really hard, never give up, and be persistent Noah? Don’t we need to work our butts off and try, try, try?”

Absolutely! You simply can’t be successful without persistence and the attitude that you will NEVER quit.

But, the surrender I am talking about is different.

My buddy Rob calls it the “stuck-robot syndrome”. It’s like if you saw a robot that was broken and it was only walking into the wall over and over again – a stuck robot. People often get into a stuck-robot pattern because they refuse to surrender.

Life is not a straight line. Life is much more like the ocean. It has waves. It has tides and currents. It is UNPREDICTABLE. It’s tumultuous. If you want to navigate it, you can’t expect to go directly from point A to point B.

This also causes a LOT of stress to most people. I also have a powerful video on how to relieve stress, so if you are one of those people, make sure to watch it!

Often, people get the stuck-robot syndrome because the ocean of life sends them waves, currents, tides, and weather and instead of surrendering to it and allowing it to move them where that next flow is going, people try to take it on and REFUSE to surrender.

So they are stuck robots walking into the wall saying: “Nope, this is how I am going to succeed.”

They walk into that wall with all their energy, might, persistence, and all their will power when the wall is only this little section. If you would allow and surrender, you would see the effortless way around obstacles.

Life is like the ocean and it’s going to send you these obstacles.

SURRENDER to them; allow them to come into your life. Don’t make them wrong, but simply adjust, and honestly invite them.

Life is going to show you how to do what you want to do better than you know how to do it. It’s WAY smarter than us.

By not only surrendering to them, but allowing them, inviting them, and being open to them, these waves are going to come through as GIFTS. You are going to align with them rapidly and you are going to succeed more a lot faster.

The power in surrender is it allows you to get out of your limited, linear thinking to let life’s flow enter into the equation and to let you succeed in ways that you may have never dreamed before.

The way you are going to succeed, you most likely have not thought of yet. Life is ready to deliver it to you as soon as you show it that you are committed and that you have an intention.

So, what I would invite you to do is get clear on your intention. What are you creating? Get really committed to doing and creating that thing.

But then beyond that, be open to receiving the flow of life, to surrendering to life and allowing it to deliver ALL the miracles, magical events, people, strange occurrences, synchronicities, and all these things that are going to be delivered to you once you are clear on your purpose, what you are trying to create, the result that you want, and your commitment to making it happen.

Then, surrender.

I hope that has been helpful. I hope that brings some clarity to you. Maybe there is somewhere in your life where you are being a stuck robot – something that you have been trying and trying to do for a really long time.

You might not have changed your approach in a really long time. You might have been unsuccessful for a REALLY long time. It might be time to surrender and see:

“Oh wow, I could simply do this thing over here. Or, I could try this other thing. Or, I can go on to plan B, C, or E. Or, I can give this person a call. Maybe they have an idea.”

If you are struggling, if you feel like a stuck robot somewhere in your life: surrender. And mostly, before thinking you are unsuccessful, be sure you know how to measure success.

This is my advice for today.

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To Your Success,

Noah Hammond

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