How to Be Attractive Instantly – Giving Value

How to be attractive instantly even if you are not ravishingly good-looking.

Today, I am going to be talking about a simple way that you can be attractive INSTANTLY in all situations, at all times, whether you are a man, a woman, an alien or whatever.

How to be Attractive – Offer your Authentic Self!

It really comes down to giving value. You see, a lot of people walk through this world trying to take value. They think: “What can this person provide me? What does this person got that I would enjoy?”

If you walk through the world in that filter, looking for “what-is-in-it-for-me” from every situation, every interaction and every person, you become REALLY unattractive.

At a business networking, the worst thing ever is someone who’s clearly asking that question in his head: “Is there something about this guy that is going to benefit me or my business?” That’s all he’s looking for. You just want to stop talking to those people INSTANTLY.

The same principle applies to guys who go to a bar, looking for a girl who they can hook up with. Girls don’t find this behavior attractive at ALL.

Someone who needs your validation in any way, shape or form is equally unattractive. If someone comes up to you NEEDING something from you, you can feel that. That is the WORST energy ever. It is the opposite of attractiveness.

On the other hand, if you are giving value CONSTANTLY and consistently, if you are sharing your light with the world, if you are sharing your gifts and your unique expression with the world, you are giving value and you ARE attractive.

Sharing yourself is also the best way to Change the World.

Now, you may not be attractive to EVERY single person. I bet there are people who are watching this right now who are thinking: “This guy is a dick.” That’s fine. I am not meant to be attractive to those people.

But the people that you are MEANT to have in your life experience, rally around you and support you in your creation of your ideal lifestyle, will be MAGNETIVED by seeing this authentic display of your true gifts.

The people who are going to be truly important to you in your life will naturally be attracted to this.

And, the true gift is YOU. There is nothing special. I am not talking about giving value walking around throwing gold coins out of your pockets…

I am talking about sharing yourself with no filter. Just being you is an AMAZING gift. I do not know anybody like you until I meet you. But if you are filtering yourself and hiding behind a wall of insecurity, I am NEVER going to ever meet somebody like you.

So, how to be attractive whether it is in business or relationships, it does not matter. How to be attractive to the world, to magnetize the world to you is all about authentically giving your value and releasing any of your own judgments or filters of yourself.

I hope that has been helpful in showing you how you can be instantly attractive. Here’s an action step that you can try to implement right now in your life.

Go to any social situation, whether it is with a group of friends, out meeting new people, a concert or a networking event. See how much of yourself you can OFFER to people. Make it your intention!

“At this social gathering where there are all these other people, I am going to see how much of myself I can offer, whether that be my experiences, wisdom, knowledge, sense of humor, sense of peace or sense of purpose. How much of myself can I offer?” Then, simply enjoy how people MAGNETIZE to you.

If people are giving you funny looks like they do not get it, then those are people who are NOT meant to get it. It does not mean anything more than that. So, take that mindset out in the world and see how it shifts your level of attractiveness to the world…

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