How to Change the World and Proof You Already Are!

Today’s topic is about your contribution to the world. It will be a really GREAT video for you because you are going to figure out and understand that you are contributing to this world more than you can possibly imagine.

And I am going to give you a direct example of why this is true.

A Direct Example…

About seven or eight months ago, my friend Dan put up a video on his Facebook wall. It was a song by the group Soja called “I’m Sorry”.

I listened to it and thought it was really great. I really got into it and just downloaded their whole album. It was the PERFECT timing to hear the lyrics of their songs, from the album “Get Wiser”.

At the time, I was really starting to wake up to a lot of things that I am now awakened to such as energy work, the state of the world, the unified consciousness, and the bad and the good of the world.

NOW I really embody these things, but at the time I was just waking up to them.

It is actually very difficult to wake up because you start thinking that you are WEIRD or different. You start seeing that there are not as many people who think the same way as you do. You start questioning yourself and your beliefs…

Therefore, their album really was a BIG support structure for me. I used to play it every morning for about a solid month or two and I would dance around their album while I cooked breakfast.

Why is this important?

Look at the process. First, my friend Dan SIMPLY shared a song that he was enjoying. He was just enjoying the song, so he put it up on his Facebook page. To him, ALL he did was put a cool song on Facebook.

But in reality, he influenced me to get a CD that PROFOUNDLY shifted me and helped in my transition and my understanding of what this transition is about. It helped me realize that there are other people out there inside that same transition. It was a really powerful thing for me.

So, from HIS perspective, he did something simple and meaningless. He put up a video on Facebook. From MY perspective, it was like God sent me this song. It was the exact message that I needed to hear.

This is occurring ALL the time. You cannot possibly measure all the ways in which you are subtly and dramatically affecting the world with actions that, to you, seem meaningless, unimportant or mundane.

How to Change to the World – Share Yourself!

So my advice is just to GIVE. Give yourself to the world. Put out your heart to the world.

The more you can authentically share yourself, the more you put yourself out there. By sharing the music you like, the books you like, or the lessons you are learning in your own life, the more you will contribute.

The more you share, the more you are going to be affecting the world.

And you do not need to do it for this purpose. Do not ask yourself: “Do I think this would profoundly impact somebody?” Do not act according to the answer to this question.

Just GIVE. Do NOT think about it because your thoughts are going to taint the process. Just give authentically.

Follow any desire you have to share yourself. Just make a conscious effort to share yourself more often and more authentically.

DEFINITELY, do NOT sensor your voice, your opinion or who you are, because who you are is destined to affect others in a positive way, as long as you are giving from a place of positivity.

So, share yourself! You are going to change people’s lives and you will not even know it.

The results of that song helped me through a tough time and helped me do all these videos…

Meaning you can’t comprehend the impact you are having with some of the simplest actions you take. So get on it. Share yourself with the world.

That is the main advice from today! Please, if you have any questions or comments, join the conversation and comment below. I personally respond to every comment possible and would love to hear from you.

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To Your Success,

Noah Hammond

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