How to Change – Understand How Change Really Works!

Today, we are going to be talking about how to change.

This is an understanding that will SHIFT your entire ability to transform yourselves and to change into whatever it is that you would like to become. It will empower in whatever you would like to be, do, and have.

What is Change? – A Simple Shift

Now this is a mindset that I learned from Evan Pagan. He compares change to how the poles of the Earth shift.

There are cycles in the Earth in which the north switches over to the south and the south switches over to the north. It occurs this way:

A little bit of the magnetic field from the north will suddenly show up somewhere in the south. Then, it might disappear and go back to a 100%/100%, North/South.

Then, a little bit more of the north will show up in the south. Maybe over time, come of it will fade away back to that little bit the first time that it showed up. Maybe, it will go away completely.

Then, the next time, even more shows up. Then, maybe it fades away a little bit. Maybe, it never fades completely again. Eventually, even more shows up. Maybe, it fades back. Maybe, it goes ALL the way back to a hundred percent and a hundred percent. Maybe, it stays a little bit.

It’s this back and forth of a little bit, maybe a little step back; two steps forward, one step back; two more steps forward, two steps back; two more steps forward, one step back.

But eventually, the whole north has switched over to the south and the south has switched over to the north.

That’s how change happens on our Earth’s magnetic field. That’s also how change happens within each of us.

Maybe you want to eat differently, maybe you want to wake up more productively, maybe you want to produce more results at your job or inside your business, maybe you want to have a better relationship with your family, kids, or parents, maybe you want to have a deeper spiritual practice.

Maybe you simply want to change your life.

If you make a decision that you want to change an area of your life, integrating these changes is going to be very similar to how the magnetic field of the Earth shifts. By understanding this, you are now empowered to change effectively.

The Process of Change

What happens is this:

People make a decision: “I am going to eat healthy.”

And, you eat healthy for maybe the first two or three days, but something comes up where you eat something that you did not want to eat anymore. You break the decision. Maybe you were out with friends or, you were out in a bar, or whatever the case may be.

Then, you create negative momentum around that experience.

“Oh, I wanted to eat healthy but here I am.”

So, you feed yourself these negative emotions.

“Oh, I’m bad. I am wrong. I am failing at my goal. I’m failing at the change that I want.”

This line-in-the-sand approach to change is NOT how it works!

“I have to change. I have to be ALL this way right now or I am not being successful.”

That’s not how it works. That is DISEMPOWERING you from making the change in your life.

Whereas, if you flip it and you understand that the way change works is this gradual two-steps-forward-one-step-back dance, you can allow for the process.

You can eat healthy for three days in a row and then not eat a healthy meal. But you won’t say:

“Oh, I am this terrible person” and create all this negative momentum which, ultimately makes you give up.

“Oh, this is too hard. This is not worth it.”

Instead of that, you can say:

“Cool, I’m making my shift. I’m doing my dance. I’m on my way.”

You are going to see that more and more, your choices are going to be healthy. Or, that more and more, your relationship communications are going to more loving and outside of ego. Or, your mindset at work will shift more and more into a mindset of someone who gets a promotion.

Or, more and more of your daily tasks are going to be in the productive zone as opposed to checking out Facebook nonstop. And, if you are watching this on Facebook, good job! This is SO productive. I encourage you to do that more.

You are going to do this dance and by not making yourself wrong for it, which is how we actually change, you are going to be able to POWERFULLY change and become the thing that you want to become.

The key advice is to recognize that this is how change works and to allow for this process to occur in ANY area that you might be changing right now or any area that you plan on changing in the future.

It’s going to empower you to change. It’s going to fill you with the momentum you need. It’s going to more importantly not inject that negative momentum that eventually makes us quit.

This is my main advice for today!

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