How to Feel Good – Release Emotional Blockages!

How to let go of old emotional blocks so you can move forward in life and feel good on a daily basis.

Today’s advice is quick and simple but PROFOUND. It will really do a great deal to help heal and remove old layers of stuff that does not serve you. Let’s get straight into it. Today we’ll talk about how to release old emotional blocks.

In order to know how to release them, you first need to know how they are created and what they are.

An emotional block is created when we go through a trauma that we do not fully express, experience, honor or and witness. This happens a LOT before the age of six or seven years old.

What is important to know for this video is how it happened AFTER that time period. We go through these traumas, but we don’t want to embrace the negativity of them. We DON’T want to experience them.

We want to PUSH them away as quickly as possible.

How to Feel Good – Get Rid of Unresolved Emotions!

The problem is that it leaves unresolved, unfulfilled, and unwitnessed emotions, expressions and conversations. But all these things are CRITICALY important to understand because they are part of your life’s lessons…

They don’t simply disappear. They stay waiting to show up for you again so that you can get the lesson and experience that you were supposed to experience the first time.

These eventually crystallize into emotional blockages.

For example, maybe you had a REALLY bad first break-up. If you never witnessed, experienced, honored and explored it, you put this little tension, this little blockage into your system. Now, to avoid feeling this pain again, you have set rules and boundaries that keep you protected from experiencing that same trauma again. It means you did not learn the lesson and now you most likely are also blocking yourself off from future love or affection.

Same thing applies if you failed at an important oral presentation in front of a public venue in tenth grade. You failed and it was horrible. You did not want to experience it again so you created some rules, boundaries and blockages.

You simply wanted to AVOID this pain to come up again.

But when you do that, you are actually BLOCKING yourself off from the flow of life. You are blocking yourself off from an entire range of experiences because of ONE emotion that you no longer want to experience.

This is true in business, in relationships, in your health, in your wealth, everywhere.

I told myself that I hated running for my entire life. But recently I started running all the time and I realized I love it! It was simply an emotional blockage. I had to look at it and see where it was really coming from. Then, I’ve been able to honor and witness it.

The KEY component to understanding these emotional blockages and releasing them is forgiveness.

You need to forgive and show gratitude and love to yourself. You also need to do it to ANY other party involved, including God, Spirit, consciousness or whatever you want to call it.

You need to show love, gratitude, and forgiveness to all of those and to the actual event itself. There has to be this personality or presence that lives inside you in love.

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The example of the bad break-up is coming straight from my heart because I had a very DAMAGING first relationship and break-up.

The reason it was so hard was because I did not witness, honor, forgive and show love to it. Instead, I carried it with me for a VERY long time.

It was simply INCREDIBLE when I finally released it. I will save that story for another time because it’s really a miraculous story. But it changed my life to release that emotional blockage. It absolutely changed my life.

The way I did it was by dumping gratitude on it. Thanking that relationship for everything that it brought me, showing that relationship so much love, acceptance, passion, gratitude, and high vibrations.

Covering my representation internally of that relationship in all those high vibrations, honoring my old partner, honoring myself, forgiving myself for allowing myself to get hurt in that situation.

That’s why you NEED to show forgiveness to yourself too because you are holding as MUCH criticism for everybody else as you are for yourself. If you were in that public speaking incident where you got made fun of, you are just as angry at yourself as you are to everybody else.

The answer lies in forgiveness, honoring and showing love and gratitude and ultimately extracting LESSONS from it. You’ve got to think about the wonderfulness that came as a result of it, all the greatness that has come in your life as a result of that “trauma”.

Really honoring and witnessing it, again, repeatedly covering it in gratitude.

What you will find is this will allow those emotional blockages to RELEASE. They will be honored you’ll finally let go of them. It will open space for new experiences inside of these different realms.

It is CRITICALLY important to learn how to do this because otherwise, you walk around carrying ALL your garbage with you. I see it on people everywhere I go. It is really sad when people are turned off. You can see it. It is a sad sight.

Take this advice and look at some of the potential emotional traumas that you might be carrying around.

Ask yourself: “What am I preventing myself from having in my life by carrying around this trauma? Is it worth it?” Probably not!

So, start doing this process. It might not all happen at once. You might need to make it a daily habit to wake up and show gratitude and love to those events. Maybe over the course of a week, you’ll finally release it. This is the way you can effectively and easily start to do this process.

That is the main advice from today! Please, if you have any questions or comments, join the conversation and comment below. I personally respond to every comment possible and would love to hear from you!

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Noah Hammond

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