How to Feel Happy Now – A Simple Process

In this video, I am going to be talking about how to feel happy, NOW.

Today, we’ll learn how to feel happy, not later, not in ten years, not after you complete that next thing that you think is important, but here and now.

I’m going to give you the simple gratitude processes that I use in my life to feel happy very consistently, 99.9% of the time.

Happy Now – Incorporate Some Basic Mindsets

The reason why we might not feel happy right now is generally due to a lack of presence.

It’s generally due to the thoughts that run in our heads about the things we have not completed yet, the things that we do not have, the things that we want, the things that the world have done wrong to us, the things that people have done wrong to us, or the things that worked out that should not have worked out.

They are all a complete ILLUSION because the only thing that really, truly exists is this moment, right here, right now.

So, you can start feeling happy right now by joining me in this moment and experiencing certain things that you should be pretty grateful for like the air that is coming into your lungs, the comfy chair that you are most likely sitting on, the sun that may be shining, this loving, abundant earth, and all the people that support and are there for you – everything that you have right here and now.

That’s the trap.

In the Western world we get sucked into this trap. In fact, we are PROGRAMMED for this trap. Why do you go to school? So that you can go to College. Why do you go College? So that you can get a job. Why do you get a job? So you can retire.

We are programmed to live in this trap of do not be happy now, be happy when you are dead. That doesn’t work!

We want to be happy NOW and do all the things that we want to do and create the things we want to create.

Before I give you the simple processes, the last mindset I want to give you is that if you want to be happy later, you have to start being happy now. This is a vibrational universe where you attract your vibrations. Like attracts like.

It’s why happy people hang out with happy people. It’s why millionaires hang out with millionaires. Billionaires hang out with billionaires. We are in an attractive universe of like attracting like.

So, how can you expect to be happy later if you are not happy now?

It’s like attracts like, not opposites. If you can get happy NOW, you can expect to be happy LATER. Or, if you are always waiting for later to be happy and you are not happy now, you can pretty much expect to NEVER be happy.

Those are the mindsets. Now, I want to give you the specific process of how I keep myself in this happy state.

What Can Make Me Happy Now?

In my personal case, what makes me happy? Well, it’s a combination of a lot of things. It’s my health. It’s living my passion. It’s my contribution to the world. It’s my relationships. It’s ALL those things.

But this one process that I am about to deliver can start re-aligning your vibration for happiness in the here and the now.

What this process is a conscious injection of gratitude into your daily existence.

A very wise woman once told me that the formula for a perfect life is two-parts gratitude, one-part love. Gratitude is the highest vibration that we can offer. It’s also a great way to ensure we always have high energy.

So, by consciously injecting gratitude into your life, you’re going to be creating a HIGH vibration for yourself and a high level of happiness in the here and the now.

How do I do this in my own life?

Well, I start my day and when I wake up, first thing that happens when I open my eyes is I say:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank, you.”

I actually do this. I say:

“Thank you, thank you, thank, you. I love my life. I love my life. I love my life. I love my life. I love my life.”

That’s something VERY simple. It takes THREE seconds.

What am I saying thank you for? I am saying thank you for the fact that I woke up today, for the fact that my physical body is functioning so well, for the fact that I am here and breathing, I get another day to create and experience this reality, and all of those things. I am simply saying thank you and I love my life.

So, gratitude and love. It takes five seconds.

How can that shift your vibration? What’s the thing that you do when you wake up?

Most likely it’s something like:

“Ugh, I want to go back to sleep. My bed is so comfy.”

This is a whole bunch of the OPPOSITE. It’s you thinking about how it’s nice to sleep more and you wishing things were not the way they are.

So, five second process gives TOTALLY different results.

Another Way to Be Happier

I pray every time before I eat. I inject love and gratitude in the food.

Love and gratitude for ALL the people it took to get that food to me. They are all the farmers, the growers, the pickers, the truckers, the packers, the people who work at the shopping center, the people who made the bags that I took it home in, and ALL those people.

I think about mother Earth, father Sun, and grandmother Moon without which all three of them working in total harmony, none of this stuff would even grow.

Then, think about the plant which is giving itself, its own nutrition, and life force to you. There is SO much to be grateful for every time you eat.

So, I take moments to be filled with gratitude for my food every time I eat.

Again, you can watch a whole video I did on putting gratitude into your food and why praying before eating is scientifically measurable as an awesome thing to do. The video is called “Eat Pray Love”.

That is another process that’s in my day. So, that means three more times throughout the day that I’m putting gratitude into my life. I also do it at the end of my meals so that’s three more times.

All of these things are five-second things, but think about what it’s doing. It’s putting a vibration of GRATITUDE peppered into my entire existence.

That’s going to bring me into this joyous happiness right here, right now because I won’t forget all this stuff that I have to be happy for.

Final Processes to Feel Happy

Anytime you finish doing something physical, a workout, a yoga class, or a dance class, thank your physical body. This is an insanely COMPLEX machine that we are working with here. It’s AMAZING that it’s working so well for us. Thank it! Show some gratitude to your physical body.

Another thing that I do is, any time I complete something inside of my business or a task that I want, I thank MYSELF.

“OK, I finished my emails for the day.”

“Oh, I finished this ENTIRE book.”

No matter what it is, I thank myself.

It takes again a conscious five seconds to put that gratitude in there. That’s also highly MOTIVATIONAL.

These are some of the processes that I use to have consistent gratitude throughout my whole day, along with the mirror affirmations that I use. If you ever check out my Instant Achievement Blueprint, I am a big fan of putting affirmations on my mirror. One of the affirmations on my mirror is “I am grateful”.

Any time I journal, I also think about how I am grateful.

This attitude of gratitude is what will allow you to step into happiness in the here and the now. There is SO much to be grateful for. There are so many people who have SO much less to be grateful for than you do.

The simple fact that you are sitting in front of the computer watching this or listening to this on your phone, whatever the case may be, there are so many people who do not even have food to eat, clean water to drink, or a house to live in.

That’s a common example that we get dumped on us our whole life so we feel resistant to that, but it’s TRUE. There are millions of people who do not have these things. The world is not sustainable for most people.

If you would need to learn more about what is sustainability, you can check my video on the subject.

So, gratitude!

There is SO MUCH to be grateful for here and now. Having the happiness here and now is going to create the happiness moving forward. That’s how it works.

I hope that you are feeling happy. I am happy to have shared that with you. I am happy to be here able to channel this information through and serve you in any way.

This is my main advice for today!

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Noah Hammond

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