How to Get More Energy – An Ancient Technique

Today’s tip is quick but VERY effective. When I first learned it from my very good friend Maria, it really connected with me and absolutely changed some fundamental things about the way I eat food.

How to Get More Energy – A Strange Technique

This is actually an old yogic teaching. My friend Maria studied in India for seven years and she taught this to me. Basically, the yogi said: “Chew your drink and drink your food”…

It sounds counter intuitive, but what they are essentially saying is that when you drink something, you should take some time to let it swish around in your mouth. On the other hand, when you EAT you should chew it up to the point where it is liquefied and you are DRINKING it.

The REALLY interesting reason behind it is that the tongue is actually the organ of the body that absorbs prana or life force energy. So, your tongue is actually what absorbs the life force from your food and this will NOT happen in later stages of digestion…

You will be absorbing the nutrients, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. But, the actual pranic spiritual energy of that food, its being, is absorbed through your tongue.

So, if you take the time to chew your drink and swish it around, you are going to allow that prana to SINK in through your tongue. Similarly, if you chew your food you can be sure that you’ll get ALL the life force that solid food has to offer you.

Get More Energy – Optimize your Nutrition!

Another realization that she empowered in me at the same time was that we don’t have any more teeth beyond our mouth.

This sounds pretty obvious, but if you really think about it for a second, why would you not chew your food to the point that it is liquefied? You don’t have ANY more teeth beyond your mouth.

So, if you would like to get the BEST nutrition possible, to digest your food as best as possible and feed your body with ALL that food has to offer, take the time to chew your drink and drink your food.

You’ll get all that prana, all that life force and even more physical nutrition from it!

So, really quick tip, the way you can implement it obviously is to start trying to chew your drink and drink your food.

Now, we are all in a rush, we all live busy lives. Therefore, with some meals like a steak for example, you can find it a pretty long and hard to liquefy your food. That’s why I would recommend doing a green drink smoothie every day.

It’s understandable that you can’t do this ALL the time…

But, whenever it pops into your head, whenever you have a conscious recognition that you can drink your food, take the time! Chew your food more and you are going to find more PRESENCE inside your food. You’ll find yourself getting full, knowing when you are full more accurately, not overeating as much and losing weight as a result.

You are going to feel more energized from your food as a result.

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