How to Get Motivated – Learn How to Get Motivated Starting Now!

Hello my friends, Noah Hammond here, back with another video advice, coming to you from the most GLORIOUS beach in La Jolla, California. Today, I want to talk about motivation and how to get motivated starting NOW.

This is a really common question that I get from a LOT of my readers, fans, followers and from people like you who are looking for more of that drive in life; the drive to be successful and to attain what you want; that mystical, magical force that seems to elude so many of us.

How can we pop right out of bed with a smile on our face, how can we move through our day with passion, ease, comfort, energy and enthusiasm, how can we really show up fully in our life and how can we get this magical motivation?

The distinction that I want to bring to you today my friend is the distinction of visions versus dreams.

Visions vs Dreams – How to get motivated

Now, visions are GREAT. We all have visions. We have a vision for how we want our life to look. We have a vision for our ideal partner. We have a vision for our ideal income level or our ideal body. We have this idea of what we want. It sounds great. It sounds EXCITING. It sounds motivating. But, it is not actually what gets us moving.

Dreams on the other hand, are where the MAGIC lies. Dreams are the things that seems impossible; seems too good to be true; seems like it will be the most extraordinary, unlikely, but AMAZING thing to come into your life. Dreams are where the motivation lies.

Martin Luther King did not say:

“I have a vision”

He said: “I have a dream”. A dream is where you will find the motivation and find what I call the miracle effect.

Again, visions are exciting. They are a great concept. But, they do not pull forth the GREATNESS within you.

Whereas, the dream is when you strive to achieve something that seems so UNREAL that it literally seems almost unattainable.

BUT, there is a glimmer of hope that “maybe I can get there”. When you go for that thing is when the forces, this magical universe that we live in, really get on YOUR side. That is when the depth of your life’s purpose starts to flow through you. And, that is when miracles happen.

Motivation – My Personal Story

You know, when I first moved here to California, it was because of a dream. I was studying at Rutgers University to be a Civil Engineer and I knew it was not my path. I knew that it was not for me. It was only a vision I had at some point, to be an engineer and make a good salary, or whatever my thought process was.

But soon, I realized it was not for me and I started this dream reality of creating an online business, creating my own income, and setting myself financially free. Eventually, that dream also manifested into moving to California with this online income.

It was a dream that motivated me to take EXTRAORDINARY action throughout the whole fourth and fifth years of my college education. In the middle of the summer, after graduating college, I fulfilled that dream. But, it was not until the miracle effect came into play that this dream became a reality.

I was working so hard learning how to start a business, trying to build this online business; an online business that I later went on to do two and a half million dollars of online income with.

But at the beginning, we were COMPLETELY unprofitable. I had been working for months and months and months, ten, twelve, fourteen hours a day, pouring my heart and soul into it. We had not made a dime.

One night I was out, actually at a bar with my friends, not thinking about work at all, and suddenly this inspired idea came into my mind – to check and pay attention to a part of the website that I had been working on that I had never looked up before. Some inspiration telling me maybe this was where the answer was.

So, I left my friends. I jetted home and sure enough, this place on the website where I never thought to look at was completely broken. So, I fixed it and went to bed.

The next morning, I have woken up and we had made our first sale. I literally made THOUSANDS of dollars in my sleep.

Then, in the very next night, we made more sales and the money started pouring in. Suddenly, this dream had become a reality and it was because of the miracle effect. It was because of the universal alignment. This was the highest calling I could see for myself in that moment.

It was SO good. It seemed almost too good to be true. It was so unobtainable. Everybody said:

“Oh, you cannot do that. You went to school for something else.”

But, I held on to that dream and worked at that dream and the dream fed me my motivation to succeed.

Then, the miracle effect came in – that mystical, magical voice that showed up and told me where to fix on my website when I had never looked at it before, never conceived it, never thought about it before. That is dreams in action. That is the miracle effect.

So, if you are looking to get motivated, you want to get motivated right now, start asking yourself:

“What is my dream? What is the thing that is so incredible that will be almost too good to be true but there is a glimmer of hope that maybe if I would go for it, I could have it?”

What is that for you?

If you pay attention to that, you will leave the visions behind – the things that sound nice, obtainable or even exciting – leave those to the side and go for what sounds MIRACULOUS and what sounds like the greatest expression of you in the world.

When you start dreaming, motivation flows through you as a natural by-product of you stepping up to your life’s calling.

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To Your Success,

Noah Hammond

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