How to Help Others – Align With Their Success

Today, I am going to be talking about how to help others.

Here is what it comes down to. If you help people from a place where you are UNCOMFORTABLE or out of balance yourself, you are most likely aligning with the PROBLEM and you are NOT actually helping them.

Helping Others – Don’t Add to the Negative Energy!

When somebody is acting the wrong way and it frustrates me, I can’t help them. I am frustrated, therefore I am aligning with the problem. I am aligning with the frustration and so, even if I am coming to help, that’s not really helping.

It is actually ADDING energy into the problem and while I might fix the problem, I am not helping the other person.

So, if somebody’s problem makes you uncomfortable or takes you out of alignment from joy, happiness and bliss and you try to offer help, you are not actually helping.

Now, the other side of that and how you can really, truly help others is to be aligned with that person’s possibility, success and pure potential as their greatest self and highest awareness.

Let me jump into an example.

Say someone is having a relationship issue where they broke up with their boyfriend or girlfriend and had a big fight.

If you align with the argument, offering some insight, you are not really helping the other person.

“You know what? He IS a jerk! You know you should do THIS because he is… etc.”


“Yeah man, she never did this for you. She never did that for you. You are better off doing THIS. You should really go do something else”

These insights are actually perpetuating energy of the problem. In fact, you are aiding them in DIVING in to the small world of their own problems.

BUT, if you align with their great potential and with their absolute success, you are going to bring them into a new level.

How to Help Others – Staying at a Higher Level

Here is how you do it in our example.

You would listen to ALL their argument. You would take it all in. You would check to make sure that you are not out of your own alignment, which means that you are still in a happy, joyous and at a peaceful place.

From THAT place, you can give NON-REACTIVE advice through the awareness of what is possible for that person.

If you have issues being non-reactive and not getting emotionally involved, watch my video entitled Empathy vs. Sympathy for further explanation.

If you don’t ASSOCIATE with the issue, you can now see…

They are stuck in their problem. They CAN’T see it. You can see their solution, their greatness and their potential. They can’t see it because they are STUCK there.

But by NOT taking that on, you can see it clearly and you can help them see it clearly too, and get back in alignment with their own joy, bliss, satisfaction, progress, and advancement.

That’s how you TRULY help people.

It’s by not taking on their problems and by staying at your own center of balance. You can then allow your centered-balanced tapped in joyous-awareness to offer assistance to them, which will bring them into the same place of joyous-awareness.

This is the common mistake that people make when trying to help people. They help them from THEIR level. But to truly help somebody, you have to be at a higher level of vibration and awareness.

Albert Einstein said that we can’t solve problems from the same level of consciousness with which we created them. It is absolutely true!

If you dive down to the same level of consciousness that somebody’s problem is at, you’re not going to see a solution for them. In fact, you are going to ego-gratify them to stay wallowing in their own issues, whatever they may be.

You ALWAYS have to maintain that higher vibration so that you can invite them to join you.

This is what I do for my Coaching clients.

This is a lesson that I had to learn working with them and really seeing their success for them. I think the biggest barrier for people to take on coaching is that they need to see a hint of their own possibility.

As a coach, if you are trying to be a coach, if you are really trying to help others, you have to see that possibility for them.

You have to see them as they could be so they could become who they should be! That’s a Les Brown quote right there. It rings true to my heart because EVERYBODY has greatness inside them. They only need to see it.

Most people can’t see it and other people who try to help can’t see it either because they are not helping the right way.

So, if you are a coach or simply trying to be a good friend, mother, son or brother, I hope this advice has been helpful for you.

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Noah Hammond

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