How to Make Friends – Learn How to Make Friends Everywhere You Go

Today, I am going to be talking about how to make friends everywhere you go so that you are always making friends, so that each and every day of your life you are making friends.

The foundation of this advice is to remove separation. People who align with you will NATURALLY want to be your friend.

As soon as you get in touch with this advice and implement it into your own life, having friends should be EFFORTLESS. Having friends is effortless if you tap into your authenticity, let your true self shine and then utilize the advice we are talking about today.

Want to Make Friends? – Be a Source of Love for Everybody!

What I want you to know today is to love everybody equally, to love everybody UNCONDITIONALLY, to not put up filters or preconceived notions, to not try to put people into a box or into a category, or make a decision based on someone’s clothes, looks, or appearance; why they can or cannot be your friend or who they are as a person. Simply walk around in a general state of love.

Now I know I’ve touched on this in many other videos but I want to talk about it in specifics to how it helps you make a lot of friends. Like I said earlier, it’s about removing separation.

People are friends with people who they feel close to, people who they feel aligned with, and people who they feel connected with. Literally, the opposite of connection is judgment. The opposite of unity is separation.

Judgment and criticism create separation. Judgment says:

“You are different than me.”

“You are not the same as me. You are outside of me. You are not aligned with me. You are over here. I am over there.”

That’s what judgment and criticism creates.

So, when you walk around deciding how much love to show to certain people, you are in a state of judgment. When you decide to be equally loving of EVERYBODY and everything, loving the world at a vibration of love, you are no longer judging.

It’s not about:

“Hey does this person have enough value where I can look at them as somebody who I like and align with them? Does this person have enough value? Is that person cool enough? Does this person fit my mold of who I think they should be?”

There is a difference between that, which makes it REALLY hard to make friends, align with people, and make the universe magnetize your social circle to you versus saying:

“I love the world UNCONDITIONALLY. I love everybody. I walk around pleased to see other happy human beings. I just walk around in a state of love and appreciation.”

I’m also not telling you that if someone is doing something mean or hurtful to you, you are supposed to sit there and be like:

“I love you, man.”

That’s the kind of people that you CHOOSE not to have in your life anymore.

BUT, what you are going to find is that when you sit into this state of perpetual, unconditional, and non-judgmental love, all the most SUPPORTIVE, most incredible friends will magnetize to you automatically, simply by focusing on changing your own internal vibration and set point.

I hope that helps you make some more friends. For searching out for how to make friends, I hope this advice has given you a clear understanding of some of the internal shifts that you can make to start that process.

It’s not something that happens overnight. But as soon as you put down these resistances, it will start to happen RAPIDLY. Everywhere you go there will be new connections, new opportunities, and new people to align with you to co-create this life experience.

Also, I would suggest you work you communication skills so that you convey the right message to people.

So, please comment below. Let me know if this has helped you create fewer barriers between you and potential new friends. Let me know if this has helped unlocked some things you see you are doing in your own life that are preventing you from having friends. I would love to hear about it. I would love to see how this video has impacted you.

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Thanks and talk soon!

To Your Success,

Noah Hammond

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