How to Make Money – A Real Understanding of How to Make Money

Today, we are going to be talking about how to really make some money.

That is what everybody wants right? They want to make money. They want to use that money to fuel their lifestyle, social impact, and dreams.

Money is the energy that exchanges most readily around the world. It’s an energetic currency. It’s something that comes and goes the same way energy does. It’s something that flows. Unless you have your energetic open to receiving money, you will not be able to.

Making Money – More and More Every Month

Today, I want to give you just the foundational mind sets behind how to really make some money because this is stuff that people never taught you in school. We live in a capitalist society where capitalism is never taught to any of us by any of our formal education processes.

The first thing that you need to recognize is that if you have a healthy relationship with money, you should be making more of it and more of it every single month. That’s the way to know that you truly have a healthy relationship with money. It should go up and up and up and up.

Sure, large investments can fluctuate and your portfolio can change, but if you have a TRULY healthy relationship with money, you should not be living paycheck to paycheck. You should not be living bill to bill, expense to expense. You should look at money as something that on the long-term chart is always going up. And, that’s how you know that you have a healthy relationship to money.

We will get back to that and we will talk about how we can cultivate that. First, I want to talk very briefly about the negative relationships to money – the shadow, so-to-speak of money.

Once you illuminate where your shadow is then, you can take steps to heal that part of your relationship with money. One way that people have a shadow around money is through debtism or giving out of guilt.

I myself was very guilty of this and I have done this with ALL business ventures. Many times in my life, I’ve given not because it was one hundred percent authentic pure giving but giving because I thought I was supposed to, like I had to, or I should.

So, giving out of guilt or debtism – thinking that it’s great, OK, or normal to constantly be in debt. When you are in debt, you are making other people rich and you yourself are getting poorer and poorer.

Debtism is a shadow of money. It does not keep that graph of your personal financial freedom going up.

That’s one shadow around money.

Another is money anorexia. People who are SO tight or fickle around their money that they refuse to spend it. They are holding on to it like it’s never going to come back.

Now, there is a difference between being responsible and making smart investments and holding on to your money out of fear of losing it. One is helpful, being smart, tactful, and intelligent. Another one does not serve. It cuts off the flow of money energy. And, it will leave you STRUGGLING with money.

The last shadow around money is excessive consumerism or overindulgence. The people who spend in order to feel complete in some way and the people, who spend, spend, spend without a care, tact, and intelligence, that’s another shadow around money.

These are the three unhealthy relationships around money. If you are not currently making a lot of money, you most likely have one, if not all of them. A lot of people have a little bit of each.

Use that knowledge to illuminate the areas where you have an unhealthy relationship to money.

“Where am I stopping my financial progress and freedom?”

Now that you have an awareness with where your bad relationship with money comes from, you can start healing it by taking steps like, getting a bookkeeper if you are irresponsible with your money or, setting budgets if you spend too much or, committing to spending something if you spend too little. All of those are SIMPLE actions to begin that healing process.

The other side of it is actually how to grow your money. The way to do that is to do things with your money that multiply your money. Don’t spend your money on one-off expenses. Spend your money on things that grow your money.

You can do this by investing your money into businesses, investments like stocks or raw materials like gold and silver. Putting your money primarily into things that grow your money and then taking the extra by-product of that growth and spending from that.

So, when you want to go buy something as a luxury item to purchase it, you don’t go and spend all your money on that. You spend your money on things that return money to you that multiply your money and then, you take the multiples and you go and spend that instead. That’s how rich people get rich. The other mind set of “make money, spend money” that’s what keeps people poor.

Spend your money on things that multiply your money – investments in yourself, in your own education, in business, in materials or other things that return on money like real estate – whatever your calling is for how you would like to multiply your money – that’s how you make money.

Get conscious about your money shadows – where your unhealthy relationships come from. Then, make a decision on which ways you want to start multiplying your money.

You can do this immediately. It does not matter if you have a little bit of money. The universe will respond to the smallest movement. So, if you put a hundred dollars into an investment, the universe will see that and be impressed with your new-found commitment to growing your financial wealth. It will return to you. It’s the way it works.

Where you put energy is where energy comes back. So you put energy into growing your wealth and your wealth will grow. It’s a simple fact.

I hope that has helped you become more conscious about your habits with money and your own shadows around money, and what you can do with your money to start multiplying it.

If it has helped you, please comment below. Please let me know how this has impacted you. Please let me know what you plan on doing with your money next. And, please do not ask me investment advices because I’m not an Investing Coach. But, if you want to tell me what you are investing in, I would love to hear it and go “Wooohooo…awesome!”

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Noah Hammond

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