How to Meditate – Learn How to Meditate and Easily Find the Time!

Today, we’re going to be talking about how to meditate and how to find the time to do so.

First, I’m going to give you several different options or choices that you have in terms of your type of meditation. Then, I am going to give you a CRITICAL understanding of how you can find the time to actually meditate.

There are a million types of meditation. There are INFINITE types of meditation.

I’m going to point you to some major ones, the types I’ve done before and the major types that exist inside my awareness. If any of them resonates with you, I encourage you to go on Google, search around, and find instructional teachers and materials – whatever you need to find to deepen your practice.

But, understand that whatever one is right for you will generally simply resonate. It will FEEL like something that is going to expand you. It would feel like something that you are deeply interested in.

Meditation – The Major Types

You got TM, Transcendental meditation, which is clearing your mind and sitting with no thoughts on the mind.

You have Vipassana meditation, which is a Buddhist-type of meditation that has to do with body awareness.

You have Guided meditations that might be a certain visualization that you are following through your body or offering to the universe. Or, a guided sound meditation which is simply relaxing and allowing it to put you down into meditative brain states.

There are moving meditations like Qi Gong, which is a Chinese art that you harness universal energy and renew energy in your body. Or, Tai Chi which is very similar and you are using your energy as very much a moving meditation.

There are other types of moving meditation you could do like simply taking a walk on the beach and making a commitment that for that walk on the beach, you are not going to do anything but listen to the ocean and spend twenty minutes doing your best to only listen to the ocean.

Then, there is Kriya Yoga which is what I personally do, which is a yogic type of meditation. It’s the FASTEST path for your spiritual evolution.

There are SO many types of meditation.

I‘ve gotten this question a lot. What I want you to take from this video is that there are a lot of different kinds. There is Mantra meditation. Out on Youtube, find some mantras and repeat yourself a mantra maybe, a hundred and eight times.

All of these different types of meditations we have discussed so far they are all part of the same wave. They all lead you towards STILLNESS. They all lead you towards God. They all lead you towards consciousness and increasing your awareness.

They are ALL beneficial.

My encouragement for you is to go with whichever one resonates with you and feels like it’s calling to you. So, take this laundry list that I‘ve delivered, go out there and do some searching on the internet.

I promise you there is a wealth of information out on Google and Youtube for you to find your path and teacher.

Gaining Time Through Meditation

The other thing that I want to touch on in this video is how to find the time to meditate. It’s a very simple understanding so I want to deliver it to you really quickly at the end here.

Understand that when you meditate, you are calming the mind, increasing your awareness, and ultimately increasing your faculties.

To someone who does not meditate, you might be frantic. You might be running around the office handling all these little things that are kind of low-level and not very complicated, but totally overwhelming to you.

Whereas, to someone who is meditating, calling themselves, and raising themselves to a higher level of awareness, they might simply see what that other person is struggling with and see a very simple solution:

“Oh, we could just do that.”

It’s when we take this time for ourselves to calm the mind, to increase our awareness, and to progress our spirituality that we raise ourselves up to higher levels of consciousness. We allow ourselves to see simpler, more effective, and more aligned solutions for the troubles in our lives.

Albert Einstein said that a problem can’t be solved from the same level of consciousness with which it’s created.

Mediation increases your level of consciousness. As you rise in levels of consciousness, your ability to problem solve heightens. So, finding the time for meditation is very simple because something that might have taken you two hours to do, after you start a meditation practice might simplify and you might save fifty percent of your time.

Things that are hard will become easy and this is something that you will CONSISTANTLY see as you put meditation into your life and continue to calm your mind, ease your nervous system, and allow your full faculties to come out into production.

Understand that you’re going to create more time in your life by allowing yourself the time to meditate.

You’re going to reduce stress. You’re going to increase your consciousness. You’re going to increase your awareness and you will allow yourself to act at higher and HIGHER levels consistently as long as you keep meditating and keep taking care of yourself and your spirit in this way.

Meditation is also one of the best way to learn how to feel happy.

Check out the laundry list of meditation techniques I’ve given you. Find some things that resonate with you, whether it’s guided meditation, moving meditations, kriya yoga, vipassana, or mantras, all of it.

Check it all out. Find something that is right for you. Understand that meditation is SO valuable for your health, well-being, and consciousness. There is plenty of time once you start to do it.

I hope that has been helpful. I know a lot of you have been asking about that.

If you have another specific question about meditation and how to do it, or what is the right meditation for you, please comment below. I will make sure to get an answer to you and help you out with that.

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To Your Success,

Noah Hammond

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