How to Relieve Stress – Listen to Life!

In today’s quick advice, I want to let you know the SIMPLEST way to remove unnecessary suffering from your life. And I want to give it to you with direct experiences and direct examples so that you can incorporate it.

But before I tell you the advice, you need to know the back theory around it.

How to Relieve Stress – Be the Co-Creator

The back theory is that we are co-creators of this life. There is a divine co-creative force which is the infinite intelligence. You can call it God, energy, spirit or anything else, but in every case it is co-creating your life with you.

While your ego would prefer to think you have TOTAL control over this life, you know intuitively that it’s not true…

Take a very simple, super mundane fact like the act of watching this video right now. Think of ALL the events that had to lead up to that. Think about everything in your life that has brought you to this moment just to be sitting here watching this video…

Imagine ALL that had to happen in my life to bring me to this moment where I am making it.

Something THAT simple, the creation and watching of this video, has this VERY complex set of events behind it. It is actually SO complex that iT seems nearly impossible that a human consciousness could have planned it out!

This is the co-creative force.

There is a divine intelligence behind everything. But obviously, we have human will. We can do different things. If I wanted to jump off a cliff right now, I could do that. That is my choice.

I have consciousness. I have choice. So, we are not the sole creators but we are CO-CREATORS. This is really important to know because it will allow you to LISTEN to life.

Most people want to believe, because of their egoic structure, that they are the creators of their life. They want to believe that: “This is mine. I make this happen. This is it. This is how it is.”

Because of that, they do not listen to life when life sends signals or signs. The more you neglect those signs, the more suffering you will go through.

Relieve Stress – Listen to Life’s Signals

I will give you a direct example.

Imagine a normal day at work, when suddenly your boss acts like a jerk towards you. Your first thoughts will be: “He does not appreciate me! I should quit this job!” That is what your intuition and your heart says. But then, your mind will respond with: “No, I need this job. How am I going to pay my bills otherwise?”

Because of those thoughts, you ignore your boss’s behavior and stay at the job.

But two weeks later, something similar happens. Your intuition keeps saying: “Man, I SHOULD leave this job. I am better than this. I can go somewhere else.”

But again, your brain will react: “No, I have been here for a while. I like the other employees, etc. I’ll stay.”

And again, another similar event will happen later. Your intuition will keep firing up: “I MUST leave.” But your brain will keep kicking in: “No, they need me here. I am going to stay.”

This is the co-creative force sending you signals and giving you the direction that you should go; where your life is meant to go. But the ego rationalization is what is going to keep you in SUFFERING…

You suffer through extra time, extra job and extra negative emotions. But EVENTUALLY, something is going to happen. It will simply force you out of the issue. A flood will happen and your whole department will be wiped-out.

It obviously does not have to be that EPIC in proportion. Your boss could simply, all of a sudden, be REALLY on your case to the point where it just drives you insane and you have to leave. He said exactly the right thing that triggered you.

Now because of your egoic stance of what you can and can’t tolerate, it is now the time where you HAVE to leave. Something is going to happen.

The process from the first time you got that intuitive hint that you should leave for a different job to the moment when you HAVE to leave is ALL unnecessary suffering. That’s all the result of not listening to life, not listening to the co-creative force.

It happened several times in my life and even up until about four months ago, I was still working in a situation that was not working for me. I acted in my power but it took me about a month of really being outside of it and suffering to move. It DRAINS your personal energy and you know this to be true.

I remember thinking daily: “What is wrong with me? I can’t output anymore. I can’t create. Am I broken? What is wrong with me?” That is how you feel when you are ignoring the flow of life and you are not listening to life.

You are not letting it take you to where you want to go.

Today’s advice is to pay attention to these signs and to ask yourself: “How can I align with what life is telling me? How can I avoid resisting it? How can I release the suffering that would come from resisting life? How can I flow?”

In my video “How to Reduce Stress – Flow like Water”, I address exactly this principle.

“How can I flow around this obstacle that life is sending me? How can I go with it and bring into my life what it is offering me?” There is ALWAYS an opportunity. There is always a place of GROWTH on the other side.

Evaluate your life.

Ask yourself how you may or may not be resisting life. If there is something right now that is pressing, that you keep getting intuitive signs about, you better make sure to start listening to them, because it will get worse down the road when life forces the issue upon you.

That’s where the real suffering comes from. So, take ACTION on this because it is going to save you a lot of stress and a lot of unhappiness in the future. I REALLY hope that it helps you.

That is the main advice from today! Listen to Life!

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Noah Hammond

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