How to Start a Business – The Instantaneous Way to Start a Business You Love

Well, I’m going to be talking about how to start a business. Not any business, but a business that you ABSOLUTELY love creating and sharing with the world. This is a simple, quick advice, but it will have PROFOUND results for you and your new business.

Starting the Right Business – Asking the Right Question

Very simple question! Ask yourself: “What is it that I love to do and am best at?”

That’s the area to focus on for creating your business.

Now, you should not feel like you need to know EVERYTHING about how to turn that thing into a business. You should not feel like:

“Oh, I’m good at cooking. But that does not mean I can turn it into a business.”


“I love sports. But, I cannot turn that into a business.”

You should not feel like you have to know EVERY step of the way from what you love and/or what you are best at to making it a profitable business. But, this is the place to start so that you create a business that you love and that the business starts to manifest rapidly.

So when people get into business in order to make money, there’s a LOT of energetic blockages that come into play. It’s not fully aligned with their highest good and service for the world. So it is not like the universe just aligns and conspires to give you your business.

But when you step up and fully take control of your greatest gifts and how you can leverage them and put them out into the world in a bigger way, the universe will literally conspire for your success. It’s as if you have now accepted the offering of the universe.

The universe has given you something that you love or something that you are AMAZING at for one purpose. That purpose is to HARNESS that. Otherwise, why else would you be great at or love that thing?

I’ve touched on this in several videos from several different angles. I can’t drive this point home enough because eight out of every ten people work a job that they don’t like.

So, you have something that is AMAZINGLY easy for you and that you’re absolutely in love with – something that you are GREAT at and in love with. That’s how you start up business.

I’m calling you to explore that because that’s the question you want to ask so you can start your business fast and get it moving off the ground rapidly with your own passion that’s going to be flying in behind it.

If you are a heart-centered entrepreneur I invite you to go check out my training program Get High Impact where you can get a free hour and a half training on step-by-step how to go create this new business out of what you love to do or what you are already great at.

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