How to Stay Healthy – Stay Connected and Thrive!

Today, we are going to be talking about how to stay healthy, and it’s probably not what you think.

Now, the problem that most people are unaware of is their own disconnection from their spiritual source. We come from a source of never-ending love, joy, and gratitude. Any moment of your life, you can acknowledge bliss and happiness.

If you doubt that, look at a happy puppy. Why is it SO happy EVERY single moment of its life? Why? What is it connected to? Where is that stream of happiness coming from?

That’s INHERENT inside of us as well.

Staying Healthy By Maintaining Our Connection

The way to stay healthy is to stay connected to this source, to remove your resistances to this source and to experience the joy, the bliss, the happiness, the passion, and the purpose of your life that comes and generates from this source and channels through you.

Most people will not put attention to staying connected to this until they are very, VERY far away and DISCONNECTED from this source. And that place that you come to when you have a life crisis is a really hard place to get back into alignment from.

You are now SO far away from your life’s purpose.

You’ve spent so many years at a job that you hated for so long. Or, you spent so many years inside a relationship that was not serving you. You’ve disconnected yourself so much from your truth.

You’ve disconnected yourself so far from the loving moments of your expression that you now have to dig and claw your way back and do some MASSIVE work.

But our spiritual connection – our connection to our life’s purpose – is the ONLY place that we ever do this.

Think about it. You don’t wait until you are starving to death to go and eat. You eat at the first sign of hunger. You don’t wait until you are about to dehydrate, until the point where your body collapses and you die to drink. You drink at the first sign of thirst!

So, why do we wait until our soul is about to die, untill we are about to say:

“Enough of this life! I’ve had it. I’m out of here. I will come back for the next one.”

Why do we wait until that point before we put some self-love into our lives? Before we take a stand for our passion? Before we acknowledge what we TRULY want and decide to go for it? Before we sit in the blissful moment and ENJOY the presence, the passion, and the joy of it all?

Why do we wait until we get over to that point? It’s because we don’t have an AWARENESS of it.
This is going to keep you healthy. This is how to stay healthy. If you get stressed out or a blow-up at somebody, it’s because you’ve gotten to the point where you are SO far out of alignment that it was literally “have that blow-up” or “die”.

The way to stay healthy is to stay CONSISTENTLY connected.

How can you do that? By bringing this awareness to it and by making a personal practice of getting back in alignment when you see yourself getting out of it.

That may be going to a yoga class, or going for a run, or brainstorming your ideal future and what you are creating in your life.

It could be having a talk with a friend who is trying to create the same results that you are creating inside your life and mutually energizes you or that you mutually energize each other.

For some, it’s simply about reconnecting and releasing negative human emotions.

Or, sharing a moment of complete silence, staring off at a hillside and allowing mother Earth who supports us with so much energy, nutrition, food, and everything we need to allow her presence to fill you up with the energy and connection that you need.

You might even connect yourself down like roots of a tree coming out of you. Maybe, the roots go all the way down to the center of the earth.

Maybe, there is a sun ray that is coming straight from the sun straight into the top of your head, connecting straight to you, and you are LITERALLY downloading energy from the universe and downloading energy from the mother, enjoying this moment of being purely supported, purely present, purely here in your true essence and soul consciousness.

Maybe, it looks like that. Maybe, it looks completely different from any of those things. Whatever it is, you need to bring an awareness to this fact.

When you start getting a little out of alignment, when you start hating your job or your relationship a little bit, when you start feeling off a little bit, when you feel a lack of energy, when you start having a little bit of resentment in some area of your life, that’s the time to stay connected, to reconnect, to find how to get back, clear, CONNECTED, grounded, and present.

So, you are not waiting until you are spiritually starved and until you are on the verge of your spiritual death to reinvigorate yourself. It’s time to be selfish and invest some time for yourself.

I hope that has been helpful. I hope that has brought awareness to this pattern that we have. I hope that you implement it in your life to stay healthy, feel great, feel present, and contribute back to the world.

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Noah Hammond

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