How to Succeed in Life – The Power of Humility

Today, we are going to be talking about how to succeed in life and the power of humility. As you start to succeed in every area of your life, whether it be in health, wealth, relationships or spirituality, there is a backdoor that the ego LOVES to take.

How to Succeed in Life – Don’t Fall for this Trap!

As you are succeeding you are breaking out of your old patterns. You are breaking away from old egoic structures and you are starting to see from a higher and purer level of awareness.

Ultimately, we are infinite creators of divine consciousness. If you feel ANYTHING less than that, you are in some level of ego, myself included.

Before you move on, if you are still trying to figure out what is ego, be sure to watch this short video which should help clear up the picture.

As you start to succeed more, create more, have more and be more in life, you are breaking away from your old bonds with your ego.

BUT, the ego doesn’t go without a fight!

It loves to take this little back door and meet you at your new level of success. It pats you on the back and tells you how great and AMAZING you are, AND how silly everyone else is and who’s not at your level of success…

But if you can stay humble, you can defeat this backdoor trap.

In spirituality, my guru talks about how people, as they started to develop their spiritual path, like to think that they were somebody INCREDIBLE in the past.

He says that he will be in a room with thirty Caesars and twenty Cleopatras. “Oh, I was Cleopatra in the past life. I was Caesar in the past life.” Everyone is someone incredible.

That is a lack of humility coming through. You aren’t happy enough to only be a person who’s doing their best here in this life, here and now. You have to be something GREATER. That is how it manifests in spirituality.

It manifests in business quite often by someone who struggles to succeed, gets that success, and then looking down on the people who haven’t gotten that success yet:

“What is wrong with you people? Why can’t you simply do what I did?”

Another way to look at that is being in the light and running towards the dark. You worked your way ALL the way up to be in that light and now, you are running towards the dark because you are using all that light to say:

“Look how much light I have! Why don’t you guys have all this light? I am SO great.”

But again, humility is how you can defeat this backdoor pattern of ego.

Same thing with health: Say you were REALLY fat and then you got a six-pack. Maybe you are going to start resenting all the fat people:

“What is wrong with you man? Just look what I did, bro. Just get really fit like I did. Why can’t you do that?”

It might not be THAT extreme, but on any level, this will taint you with ego. The way I like to think and talk about ego is that if you had this big bucket of pure water; ego would be food coloring…

It only takes one drop of food coloring, green or red, to make the whole bucket have a tint.

And so, if anything you are doing has a tint of ego, a tint of “me”, “I”, “I-am-so-great-I-am-so-smart-I-am-so-wise”, you are tainting EVERYTHING you are doing with that ego. Humility again, is the cure for this.

That’s why this is how to succeed in life because ultimately, no matter what you do, you want to stay humble. You want to keep that humility, that reverence, that ABSOLUTE GRATITUDE for yourself and for everybody who’s shoulders you are standing on.

Everybody who has been a teacher to you, God or the Universal Consciousness, whatever you want to call it, were ALL part of your success.

You must keep that constant humility, understanding that you are not here because you are SO great; you are here because of the efforts of everyone else.

You are standing on these people’s shoulders, everybody who has contributed anything to humanity’s knowledge base, at any point has contributed an impact in your life, has allowed you to be where you are at, so it’s really easy to stay humble if you can it that all in mind.

When you eat that meal with all these delicious ingredients in it, think about all the people who have to work and labor in farms all across the world to get you that ONE meal. They are contributing to you. You can’t be where you are at without ALL those people doing all that labor.

It is not about YOU. It’s the collective.

If you can stay humble and stay inside that humility, you will always be progressing. You will never be thwarted, halted or stopped by your own ego, which is GOING to try to stop you:

“Look where you are at. You are SO great. You can stop here.”

Ultimately, it is going to let you succeed in life by keeping you progressing humbly. It is also going to make you a really awesome person to be around because nobody wants to be around that guy who is successful, who sits around talking about all the people who are not successful, except for other people who are in that same place.

It is going to keep you happy. It is going to keep you GRATEFUL and it is going to keep you moving forward.

So, I hope that has been helpful. I hope you can see some places to throw some more humility into your life. I am constantly trying to find ways to be MORE humble and grateful for everything I have.

So, I am humble and I am grateful that you have read this article.

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