How to Teach and Shine Your Brightest Light

How to unleash your inner Guru and bring your brightest light out into the world!

Today I am going to be talking about something very personal, as I generally do. It will be about how to define the DIFFERENCE between a teacher and a guru.

We’ll also learn how to show up more POWERFULLY in your own life.

How to Teach – Lead by Example

This is something that I had to learn through DIRECT experience.

As you gain more knowledge, awareness, health, wealth and spirituality, you’ll get a greater experience of life, a more consistent feeling of joy, happiness, success, love and gratitude…

As you start to experience all those things, it is human nature that you will want to SHARE that with the world.

When you learn the core technique you saw in my previous video, you’ll want to tell people about it. When you start eating whole food and realize all the benefits you got out of it, you’ll want to share your experience with other people. You want to share these things out of the goodness of your heart, out of your own kindness and out of your own good-hearted nature.

Here is the problem. People with ego do NOT want to hear it. They do not want to hear ANY of it.

If you want to learn more about how Ego can block you, watch this short video on What is Ego.

It does not matter if what you are telling them is something easy for them to do that will drastically improve their lives. Even if it can take them to the next level in their ENTIRE existence, they do not want to hear it…

This is the difference between the teacher and a guru. Guru simply means teacher, but for this example we are going to break it apart and call them two different things. And, here is the difference between a preacher and a guru.

A preacher is going to walk around saying: “You should do this. You should do that.”

You may be doing that out of the goodness of your heart, but people are not welcoming it and you are actually causing NEGATIVITY in the world. People do not want to hear it and you are trying to FORCE it upon them. That’s a preacher.

A guru is someone who leads by example

You enjoy your health. You revel in your bliss, in your vitality, in your love, in your gratitude for life. You generate success. You generate happiness. You generate EVERYTHING around you.

If people come and seek your advice, you give it to them. You give it full-heartedly and you give straight from your SOUL with complete intention that they achieve greatness in all areas of their lives. That is a guru.

The difference between a preacher and a guru is that the preacher goes around trying to FORCE the goodness out to people, while the guru waits for the sincere seekers to come and seek the goodness. That is how you know that people are ready to hear your message because they are going to ASK you for it.

Now, I had to deal with this personally because I started seeing all this joy, happiness and contentment EXPLODE in my life. You better believe I wanted to tell EVERYBODY in my life about how they can do it for themselves.

What I found is that people do not want to hear it…

People will start to FEAR being around you because they know that you’re going to pick apart the things they are doing.

You’ll drop some new levels of awareness on them and if they are stuck in their level of ego, they do not want to hear it. They do not want to change. Change takes work. They are not ready to do the work.

So, enjoy it. Be in it. Love it. Be that example. Shine that light to the world!

Then, when people are ready to get past their ego, they are going to come to you and ask why you are so happy all the time. How can I do that for myself?

I want everybody who is watching this video to know that because I want to create a world of GURUS.

With all these powerful knowledge I am going to be pumping out to you, you are going to have a whole new awareness. It is going to be higher than the average person. Just shine that light out there. When people need that advice, when people are ready for that advice, they will come and they will seek it.

I hope that if you are experiencing any of what I have talked about you now see the reasons why. You see a new way of being. It is going to be more powerful for you. It is going to help you show up in the world more joyously and cause an even greater impact as a result…

This is my main advice for today!

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