How to Work Effectively – Three Month Challenge

Today, I am going to be talking about how to work effectively. I am going to be teaching you the three-month challenge and also the two-week mini-challenge mindsets.

How to Work Effectively? – Work Less!

Now, I have to say that the three-month challenge was really inspired by Timothy Ferriss’ book “The 4 Hour Work Week”, which I read five or six years ago.

It really was an influential book on my own path into lifestyle design, financial freedom, internet marketing, and all the things that I started tackling in the middle of college.

So, I’m going to give a shoutout to Tim Ferris for the inspiration of this video. If you haven’t yet read that book, it is ABSOLUTELY fantastic – highly recommended.

What is the three-month challenge and what does it have to do with working effectively?

Here is the problem with how most people work. We work CONSTANTLY and because of that we are burnt out most of the time. When you are in a burnt out state, it’s easy to get depressed. It’s easy to get distracted and it’s DEFINITELY more difficult to be effective.

The thing is that we grew up around people who are burnt out and we learned the habits of those people.

How many people did all-nighters in college? How many people know people who PRIDED themselves on the fact that they do all-nighters?

All-nighters are NOT efficient. Once your brain hits a certain capacity or a certain level of sleepiness, you are no longer effective and you are WASTING your time. You are not managing yourself effectively. Furthermore, imagine the amount of self-love a person lacks if they are able to do that to their body!

Managing yourself, that’s really what this three-month challenge is all about.

Human beings are not designed to be working fifty weeks a year and off for one or two. In fact, if you think about it, our biology and what we have been doing for thousands and thousands and hundreds of thousands of years up until now was we did very LITTLE work for MOST of the time.

We would spend a couple of hours a day gathering the food for that day and then we would spend time with our families and relax, exists, and just BE.

We are animals. How much work does animals seems to be doing? Mostly, they get their food and they are kind of hanging out…

We are animals too! It’s not normal that we work nose to the grindstone, eight, ten, twelve, fifteen hours a day, every day, fifty weeks in a row. It just doesn’t work.

This three-month challenge is a great way to structure it. I will give you the benefits of it after I have explained it a little more.

The three-month challenge is very simple. You have to work REALLY hard, really effectively and really powerfully with a really EXCITING goal in mind for three months. Then, take a vacation.

Now, this vacation can be a three-month vacation. It could be a week vacation. It could be two weeks. Whatever it is that can REJUVENATE you and that you can manage in your schedule.

Do three months with a serious intention and a serious goal that you can celebrate like CRAZY when you are done.

The Benefits of Taking a Vacation

What is this going to do for you?

One, you are going to be more effective because you are going to have a POWERFUL intention.

You are going to have something that you are working towards. You have something that is going to motivate you on a DAILY basis. Every day you are getting up, you can’t wait to annihilate this goal and reward yourself with this EPIC vacation.

You are SO much more motivated as opposed to being in a space where:

“I work. That’s what I do. I work.”

That NEVER ends and so how motivated could you really be?

The other thing that it’s going to do is that it will help bypass ego resistance. You are going to be SO focused on this goal and SO committed to achieving it on your timeline to reward yourself with such an AMAZING vacation that, when problems start to arise, you are going to say:

“OK, let’s figure out how to get past these problems.”

These problems are now not only something on your plate that you can whine about to your fellow employees or to the people in your company, to your wife, or to your kids.

These problems are now in the way of your EPIC vacation reward and achieving the results that you want to achieve. These problems are now things to be solved. Solving these problems powerfully is an incredible way to avoid business failure.

They are not things to complain about because your life is a never-ending pile of work.

Your life is focused. Your life is EXCITING. Your life is balanced. That’s the most important thing. It’s when you take time to achieve this AMAZING goal and you then take time to celebrate.

You allow yourself to rejuvenate.

The last benefit I want to talk about is that it makes your downtime so much more incredible.

Instead of working mundanely five days in a week and then taking two days to take something sort-of-cool like:

“Oh, this weekend we went to this place with some friends. We did something around town that was semi-relaxing.”

Maybe, you are SO excited about your three-month goal that you are working seven days a week. When you have this amazing goal, time flies by.

You do a sixteen-hour task like it’s nothing because when you get to the end of that task you are thinking:

“Yes, another piece of the pie! Awesome!”

Then, your downtime, instead of being:

“Oh, we moped around town and sort of relaxed”, it’s: “I went to this amazing place.” or “I did this amazing thing.” or “I went on a ten-day retreat and meditated with these masters.”

Whatever it is, you can go off and do something EXTRAORDINARY where you will always, for the rest of your life, have that life experience to reference.

“Wow, I am so happy I did that extraordinary thing.”

It’s like you optimized your downtime by not having it be this mundane thing where you go to the bars
(again) or to the movies.

I’m not saying you can’t do those things in the meantime. I’m saying you would spend less time doing those mundane downtime “semi-relaxing” things.

You spend WAY more time doing these amazing things by grouping your work time in a super-concentrated, focused, amazing, result-producing work time, then, super-relaxing, super-rejuvenating, super-adventurous feed-your-soul time.

That is the three-month challenge. Also, I would suggest doing two-week challenges within those three months. So, every two weeks you are accomplishing a piece of that three-month pie. That’s going to keep you super motivated and moving forward.

I hope this has showed you how to work more effectively. I hope it inspires you to take that next vacation and achieve that next result.

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