Mastering Your Emotions Part 3 – Releasing Negative Human Emotions

Mastering Your Emotions Part 1: Understanding Emotions
Mastering Your Emotions Part 2: How to Control Emotions

Learn the core technique – the most powerful tool for understanding your emotions, releasing old blockages and moving POWERFULLY into the four-step process of emotional choice

Today, you are going to learn the core technique, which is the single most powerful tool I have come across for understanding your emotions. It will help you remove the emotional reactivity of that three-step model we talked about in the last video and step powerfully into the four-step model where you get to CONSCIOUSLY choose your reactions and your reality.

I can’t take credit for the creation of this technique. I learned it from a man named Tom Stone from book called Pure Awareness.

It was a combination of five techniques for really understanding this aspect of your life. This was the most powerful one. I have been using it for over two years and it DRATISCALLY improved my life.

Human Emotions – How they Get Stuck in Us

First, here’s something you need to know before you learn the core technique.

We’ve talked about how emotions are energy in motion in the first video of this mini-series: Mastering Your Emotions Part 1: Understanding Emotions.

In fact, when your sub-conscious creates this energetic message (fear, anger, doubt, etc.), if you don’t interpret it, it doesn’t disappear. It actually gets STORED somewhere in your body waiting for another opportunity to express itself.

Imagine a rubber band that has been pulled tight. If you don’t let go of that rubber band, it’s going to have that energy stored in it. It will have that energy stored into it until you LET go of the rubber band.

It is the same for an emotion that has not been listened too or has not gotten the opportunity to EXPRESS itself.

Until you let that emotion expresses itself or until you pay attention to it, it’s going to stay filled with energy, EXACTLY like the rubber band. It’s going to wait somewhere in your body until you give it the attention it deserves.

This is why you know people who at the littlest thing simply go off!

They have not done this technique to release old and tight rubber bands. If something caused them to feel anger before and they stuffed this anger down without paying attention to it, every time something similar happens, it’s going to reactivate ALL of those old, tight rubber bands that they held to.

So, when a NEW stimulus comes at the similar frequency, something seemingly very small will now reactivate this HUGE reaction inside them.

That is why some people seem to be wound up tight, because they ARE. They are literally FILLED with these tight rubber bands of emotions.

Anytime there is a situation that can activate them, they are all going to try to express themselves again. You were supposed to listen the first time, but you didn’t so now it all comes up and it builds, builds, and builds.

That’s how emotions get STUCK in us.

That’s why people walk around unconfident, unhappy, unexpressed and lacking the life that they truly desire because these emotional blockages keep them STUCK in the reactive old models.

That’s the foundation you need to understand.

Releasing Human Emotions – The Core Technique

Let’s get into technique – the core technique.

This is the process by which you can experience old emotions and finally release them. Then, when NEW emotions come up, you can understand them and witness them.

Here is the process. Every time you have an emotional reaction, you need to DIVE into it.

Suppose something happens that causes you anger. Anger or any emotion is always going to materialize in your body as a FEELING.

Anger will generally be a burning, a raging or a tightness right in your chest. Doubt or worry will probably be felt somewhere in your gut. Heartbreak is normally right in the center of your chest again. All these things have a feeling to them.

Here is what you do. You VISUALIZE in your mind an image for that feeling. Usually for me, it is a cloud of colored energy. So if I was feeling anger or doubt, it would be just like a red, grey or black cloud of energy. You can also give it a symbol. You can give it whatever you would like.

Then, once you have an image of it, bring your full awareness inside of it. Surround that visual in LOVE.

Put yourself inside it and even though it feels bad, bring your loving awareness into it. Let that emotion know it is OK to be expressed.

“I am here to listen.” You invite it to speak. Invite it to express itself. You are there to witness it, to feel it and to get the message that you have ignored so many times before. You are there to listen, experience, and receive.

Two things are going to happen. The cloud, the energy and the sensation of the feeling will start to move. It might move up your chest or over to your arm. It might move down your stomach. That is one potential. It could stay in the same spot, but sometimes it moves.

Then, it will start to dissipate. It will get smaller and smaller until it starts to FAINT.

Here is the key. When it starts to faint, you ZOOM IN. Zoom your awareness into the pieces that are left as if you were zooming in on Google Maps…

You want to get all the way down the street view. Keep zooming in. Keep going in and it gets smaller and lighter and lighter and you keep zooming in. Keep inviting it to share. Keep EXPERIENCING all that the emotion has to offer. Follow it if it moves. Then, eventually it will simply be GONE.

Try to find it. If you can’t find it, it’s gone. If you can find it, even it is only a LITTLE shred of it, dive into it again!

Keep diving into it even if it takes a half an hour. You’ll feel about a hundred pounds lighter.

So, keep diving in, keep following it, keep experiencing it, keep being with it and following and diving, until it is TRULY gone.

Now, what you will find, is that in the future, whatever stimulated that emotion, will NOT anymore. It will not be there. You have now successfully experienced that emotion. This is going to remove your REACTIVITY from that stimulus.

This stimulus will no longer spark your uncontrolled reaction.

Now, I want to touch on one OTHER way to use this technique. Besides when emotions pop up for you, I use this literally EVERY time there is an emotional reaction inside me.

It’s de-programming our emotional reactions from when we were a little baby, younger than the age of six years old. At this time, we did not know how to process these high-level energies and these intense emotions.

By doing this technique, you are de-programming that!

It makes you have a SOLID state of peace, calmness, and serenity. It does not matter if the world is going crazy. It can go crazy all around you and you still feel at home in your own skin.

The other way to use this technique is to release old emotions. Remember the old, stuck rubber bands? You need to get rid of those!

You can either wait until there is a stimulus to spark them and then do the technique when the stimulus sparks that reaction. Or, you can CREATE it for yourself.

If there is a situation that you know you are definitely afraid of (public speaking, camping, heights, etc.), you can go to that situation in your mind. You can put yourself in front of that room of people. Maybe you are naked and everyone in the audience is hot and they’re all pointing at you and waiting to hear you say a word.

You can put yourself in the most ideally HORRIBLE situation and it will bring all of that reaction OUT of you. You’ll then be able to use the core technique and dive into it, express, experience, and release it. Once you release these things, they are gone forever.

I used to be afraid in front of the camera. There are a MILLION emotions I have released using this. I have released SO much.

I have TRANSFORMED myself emotionally as a result.

When the emotion pops up, you let it express itself. You dive your awareness inside and you use the core technique and experience it. Then, your body has delivered the message. It will not try to deliver it again because it knows you got the message. That’s ALL it is…

Think about the UPS guy. He will keep trying to give you the package over and over again until you open the door. Every day, he’ll knock at five. Once you open the door and you’ve got the package, he’s not going to come again the next day. Your subconscious is functioning the EXACT same way.

That brings us to the end of this three-part series on Mastering your Emotions.

I hope it has been incredibly enlightening. I suggest that you start using the core technique on a DAILY basis. Eventually, you will not have to.

Maybe once a week or once every couple of weeks now, an emotion will pop up in me and I will use the core technique and understand other little parts of myself. I used to use it daily. Now I don’t have to because very little will spark an emotional reaction in me.

Even when the craziest thing happens right in front of me, I just let it be. I can CHOOSE my actions then. I can live in that conscious choice reality: the four-step process of emotional programming.

It is INCREDIBLY empowering and it will bring you to success In ALL areas of your life.

If you found this three-part series to be helpful, if you have done the core technique, please leave comments below. Share it with friends. Everybody in the world needs this technology. If everybody was functioning out of this technology, the ego in our world would be drastically reduced if not eliminated. So, spread the word if you find this helpful.

Take your old garbage. Bring it up to the surface with visualization. Put yourself in the middle of your WORST fears and try the core technique. I guarantee you’ll feel ten pounds lighter at the end.

Here is the rub. When you visualize yourself in that same situation, you will no longer feel any negative emotion. That is how you will know that you have experienced it fully. So, you will put yourself in the same situation and you will simply be happy. You’ll simply know that it doesn’t scare anymore.

So, please share and comment. Thank you so much for watching.

Thanks and talk soon!

To Your Success,

Noah Hammond

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