Human Potential – How to Avoid Wasting your Limitless Human Potential

Why We Waste Our Potential – The Mind Virus

Today, we’re going to be talking about human potential and why I think we waste the abundance of our human potential.

First off, I don’t even need to actually know you to say with certainty that you have an abundance of potential and that who you are in this world can be INCREDIBLE as you can impact so many people simply with your love, your light, and your greatest gifts. Those are simply whatever makes you the happiest. I know that for certain.

Yet, I also see a society, especially in the West, where human potential is WASTED. What I see in Western society is a mind virus that says:

“You’re nothing special.”

It is a mind virus that says you are not exceptional. You are not brilliant. You’re not beautiful. You are not creative. You are not divine. There’s a mind virus that says that you’re not much.

The virus further states that the best thing you could hope for in your life is to get a job after getting an education. Then, work that job, maybe move up in the hierarchy, and eventually retire. That’s your life plan. That’s what has been fed to us.

What I want to point out in this video is what your human potential TRULY is and where this bad programming, this mind virus, comes from.

School – The First Waste Of Human Potential

We base our self-worth on what our performance in school was. Being good at school is one very SPECIFIC skill and it’s a skill that only some people have the tolerance for. For a lot of us, especially those who are more creative and heart-centered, school was a pretty difficult journey.

Growing up, we got fed that we’re not good enough, that we’re not special, that we’re not an A-student, that we’re not a gold-star receiver. We got the waving finger. We got the “be-quiet”, “turn it down” and “straighten up”.

My voice is particularly loud so when the entire class would be chattering, the teacher would go: “Noah, quiet!” It actually got funny eventually because it would happen exactly like that every time.

But when I was in school, I got told that I was WRONG and BAD almost every single day. I got sent to the principal’s office almost every single day until I had straightened up and flew right, until I adopted their indoctrination that getting good grades was the most important thing.

Ultimately, what it did was it STOLE my power. It stole my creativity. It stole my childlike curiosity. It stole my desire to learn and to achieve, to excel and to conquer, and to challenge myself. It took all that away from me so I could sit in a desk.

The intention behind school is to turn you into a great employee – someone who’s very comfortable sitting in a cubicle, serving some repetitive task as some cog in some big machine. Our current schooling system is actually a product of the industrial revolution and the need for a massive amount of factory workers and middle management. It is not teaching us how to be successful.

So, this paradigm is totally old news. It’s on its way out. Education ten years from now will look nothing like how education looks today.

Unleashing Human Potential – The Solution

Despite this negative programming, what you can do RIGHT NOW is recognize the way in which your human potential may have been squandered, the way in which you might have been programmed to really settle for a job that’s not in full alignment with your truest gifts, your pure passion and for a lifestyle that’s not in full alignment with who you REALLY are.

Really, ask yourself:

“Why do I do the things I do? Why do I go to the bars and the clubs each and every weekend? Why do I really buy the things I buy? Dress the way I dress? Act the way I act? Why do I really go to the job that I go to or, make money the way I make money? Why do I, really?”

Is it because it’s in your heart? Is it because it’s aligned with your PUREST, most expressive form of human potential? Or, is it because it was fed to you in this system that fed us all how to think, how to act, and how to be?

This video my friends is really a simple call to action to recognize the ways in which you might be squandering your human potential and to, at least, plant the seed of growth, opportunity, and of your own divinity and miraculous nature. This is a call to action to recognize the fact that, whatever it is you have to contribute in you that is UNIQUE to society (just as unique as you are in the world) is your greatest gift and absolutely MUST come out now.

I hope this has been helpful for you. I hope it’s gotten things moving a little bit.

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Much love

Noah Hammond

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