Injury Prevention – Work on Your Energetics!

Today, I am going to be talking about injury prevention and how you can stop your injuries before they happen.

This advice comes from a yoga philosophy that I learned that basically said that all sickness, pain in the body, discomfort, and injuries all starts in an energetic level before a philosophical level.

I have experienced this myself. If you have watched my video on the healing that I received from the Owl witch down in Mexico and how he healed my back overnight by healing my energetics. It was a SERIOUS back injury. I know this to be personally true.

But I would love to explore it via story for you and then give you some advice on how you can change the course of your bodily injuries that may be on their way.

A Personal Story of Injury

So, the best story I could think of to illustrate this comes from my good friend Brian who I grew up with. We all used to be extreme skaters.

We were at the skate park one time. We were sitting on top of this big quarter pipe, which is one of those things where you go up and come back down. It has a rail across the top.

We were all at the top of this thing. We were all still pretty new. We were all standing up there looking down and going:

“Oh man, that’s really scary. Who is going to do it? Who has got the cahones to go down this thing?”

My friend Brian, he gets up to the edge. He was edging over and he got his foot near the edge looking down. We were all egging him on. He was getting ready, but he was really terrified. And, that goes on for about ten maybe, fifteen minutes.

I mean, the kid doesn’t really want to do it but of course, being twelve year-old guys, there was a LOT of social pressure going on. He was completely terrified of doing it. He was thinking inside that he was going to die if he does it.

But eventually, the social pressure kind of nudges him forward enough where he goes down. As he goes down, he loses all his faculties. He does not even bend his legs. He does nothing right and simply slams his knee into the thing and totally injures himself.

Now, that for me is an example of how the energetic of a situation created an injury. Now, you could be thinking:

“Oh, he was afraid so he is silly. It started in the mind.”

But no, it was the energetics.

What he did for those ten, fifteen minutes before finally taking the leap was he energetically attracted the injury into his reality. He created the injury through the energetics and the point of attraction. As a result, that was the reality that he experienced.

Getting Your Energetics Aligned!

You see this with people all the time. Think about a hypochondriac. Think about people who are ALWAYS sick. People who see:

“Oh, my hands are dirty. I am going to get sick.”

Sure enough, they get sick. With illness, disease, and physical injury, these all starts from our energetics.

Now vice versa, there are people who believe that they never get sick and they seem to never get sick. There are people who believe that no matter what they do with their physical body, they are not going to get hurt.

And, they don’t get hurt.

There are people who believe that they can do it and somehow that pushes them the extra mile or the extra tenth of a second in speed if they are in some kind of competition. Then, there are people who do not believe that they can do it and they don’t it.

So, it’s not only about thoughts becoming real. It’s about energy. Overtime, your point of attraction attracts into your reality the things that you are tuned for.

If I am attuned for health, well-being, vitality, and an injury-free existence, that is what I will experience. As a result I haven’t had an injury in a year and a half. I haven’t had a sickness in two or three years. I mean I can’t remember the last time I was sick.

The advice that I would give you in this video is to see your thoughts, which call your energetics, see where they are misaligned with the reality you would like to experience inside of potential injuries and sickness.

If you have an injury right now, I would invite you to get conscious of how you direct negative attention to that injury CONSTANTLY and then, wonder why you don’t heal.

“Oh, my back hurts. My back is messed up. My back hurts. My back is messed up. Man, this back is so messed up…”

I‘ve been there because I‘ve had back injuries that lasted in years. What keeps you stuck in those energetic is the negative attention that you are directing to that injury.

So, it’s a catch twenty-two because it’s hard not to give negative attention to something that sucks. But, if you want to attract in the wellness you deserve or desire, you have to start thinking and energetically creating your wellness.

It’s time to learn how to stay healthy!

I hope that shows you how to align your energy for injury prevention. If you have any questions about how you may or may not be attracting your injuries, put a question below and I will make sure to answer for you to clear things up.

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To Your Success,

Noah Hammond

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