Is it Possible? Learn How to Rethink What’s Possible

Is it possible? Yes. Watch this video advice and learn to rethink what is possible.

Today, I am going to share a story from my life that inspired this video advice and really taught me this lesson through first-hand experience.

This lesson is about questioning if it is possible, the power in this and how to flip this mindset at a drop of a hat. Let me dive right into the story and then we will talk about the lesson.

Is It Possible? – Believe It Is and It Will Be!

It was about a month ago when I had gone out to my friend’s CD-release party in a different part of town that I’m used to go to. I parked in a parking garage I had never parked in before and I neglected to see the sign that said that the gate I parked through close at 10 PM.

So, I went to my friend’s CD-release party. I had a GREAT time.

But, when I came back to try to get my car at about midnight, I could not get into the garage. All the lights were off. The gate was CLOSED. I thought:

“Oh my God! What kind of parking garage closes? It’s awful. I want to go home.”

Now, I was with a friend who did not have a cell phone with him at the time. He and his girlfriend went walking around the corner of the building saying:

“There’s got to be another way in! I think we can get through the bank lobby and get in there.” And, they went off.

I was distracted by some other friends who I was talking to about the garage not being open and a group of men who worked at a restaurant nearby came walking by and said:

“Oh man. The garage closed on you? It sucks bro. We work in this restaurant right by and it happens to people all the time. You’re going to have to wait until morning to get your car.”

I replied:

“Really, a parking garage that closes? It does not make any sense at all. What kind of parking garage would close?”

“Yes, men. We see it happen all the time. It sucks, man.”

“Damn, that sucks.”

My friend did not have a cell phone. I went walking around the corner. I went walking down the street. I could not find them anywhere.

Eventually, totally confused, I had to hitch a ride home with my friend. I spent the night on her couch. She dropped me back off at eight in the morning to get my car.

Now, when I FINALLY got in touch with my friend the next day, I found out that he and his girlfriend had successfully found the back way into the garage and had gotten their car. They were waiting in the garage for me for fifteen minutes. I never showed up. Then, they simply drove off.

Their phones were dead or something so we could not communicate via cell phones.

What was the critical difference between him and his girlfriend getting their car, getting to leave the other side at the back entrance of the parking garage and me having to go home, sleep on somebody’s couch and then get driven back in the morning?

What was the CRITICAL difference?

The critical difference was that he believed that it was possible and I believed it was not.

Because of that influence from the people from the restaurant saying that it happened every time, I immediately accepted that as the TRUTH of reality.

I no longer thought that it was possible. I succeeded to inconvenience myself, spent the night on the couch and push off some work I was going to do tomorrow morning so that I can come back there to get my car.

The only difference between him getting his car that night and me not getting my car was that I did not believe it was possible. If I had thought it was possible, REGARDLESS of what the people from the restaurant said, I would have went and found that back entrance and would have gotten my car that night.

But, because I allowed other people to influence me to TURN OFF and say “No, it’s not possible.” I never got to see that result.

I never got to get my car that night. The simple fact that my friend thought that it was possible made him get his car.

This story, as I was driving home the next day, made me think:

“What lesson did I just learn?”

I realized that as SOON as those people said that it was not possible, I took that to be the truth of reality and I turned off any possibility for achieving success in getting my car that night.

So, I want to encourage you to ask:

“Where am I turning off my possibilities? Who am I allowing to tell me it’s not possible? In what ways do I want to achieve my life, but don’t think it’s possible?”

The only difference between it being possible and it being not possible is whether or not you think it is possible.

It’s like the Henry Ford quote: “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way, you are right.”

Where are you LIMITING your possibility? Where are you letting OUTSIDE influences limit your possibility? Is it possible? Absolutely! Anything is possible.

We are creators. We are problem-solvers. We are INCREDIBLE. You can create anything that you want.

Is it possible?

Absolutely, yes!

What I really encourage you to do is to take my story and apply it to your life. Where are you letting other people’s influences tell you that something is not possible?

When I was going to quit civil engineering and become an internet marketer, when I told that to the other civil engineers, the first thing they said was:

“What would you do with your life?”

If I had listened to them and tapped into that fear, I would have thought it was not possible. To figure out if it’s possible, you have to try. If this is something that is stressing you, I also have a video on How to Reduce Stress, make sure you watch it.

So, back to possibilities, where are you allowing others to influence you and make you think that something is not possible?

Think about that and you’re going to see a whole new light for what is possible in your life. As long as you think something is possible, IT IS.

By not limiting yourself, by not turning off your faculties by outside influence or by your own influence, you are going to keep that possibility alive.

This is my main advice for today!

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