Judgement – Avoid Judgement in its most Basic Form and Thrive!

Welcome to another video with myself, Noah Hammond. Today, we are going to be talking about judgment and how to avoid judgement in its most basic form so that you can thrive in your life.

Now, this might sound at first like an EXTREME paradigm. But, stay tuned because it will all make sense in the end.

Judgement – Avoiding it at All Times

The way to avoid judgment is to not judge anything at all, EVER. I mean, in the most basic form. We are talking about judging things as good or bad.

“I got a promotion!” That is good.
“I got an injury!” That is bad.

When we judge things as good or bad, we are basically fooling ourselves. Ultimately, our limited mind has no idea whether or not something is good or bad.

It can only grasp on what has happened in the past and then, by calculating all those things, make sense of the moment here and put a label on it as good or bad, right or wrong, awesome or not. But, all of that is so LIMITED in perspective because we have no idea what the future will bring.

When we judge, we remove our power because we take the infinite realm of possibilities and we bring it down into a labelled, small, bite-sized, little box – something that our minds can get a construct around.

I will give a direct example from my life. Throughout my athletic career and throughout my physical expressions, I have had a lot of injuries.

In high school, I fractured my spine and hurt the disc while I was in my football career. In college, I played rugby until I separated and tore both my shoulders. I did muay thai kick boxing until the point where I broke my hand. I did jiu jijtsu and at some point, again, I reinjured my back injury.

In one perspective, I can look at all these injuries as unfortunate and I can label them as BAD. Pain, it stopped me from training, it stopped me from my football career, or whatever the case may be.

But really, from a less limited perspective, from hindsight, I can see that these injuries were all blessings. They ALL brought me to my next great passion inside of my physical expression.

It is easy to see, from the limited perspective of the moment when I am tearing the rotator cup from my shoulder:

“Oh man, that sucks! That is terrible. I am sorry to hear that.”

But, where that led me is the next evolution of my growth, my expansion and the next great physical expression in my life. And, who knows? If I had never torn my shoulder playing rugby, maybe I would never have moved on to martial arts. Maybe, I would have stayed doing that. And, maybe I would have missed out on something AMAZING in my life.

How to Stop Judging – Avoid the Labels

That is only one easy example to see that the labels and judgments are ultimately useless. They take away our power because they limit our perspectives.

So, we can resign from judgments of any kind, allow the world to unfold the way it is unfolding and allow our life to flow the way it is flowing. We can stop making labels of good or bad, and we simply sit like happy, anticipating children, waiting. That also happens to be a great way to make friends.

What is next? I can only imagine it is going to be AWESOME.

And when it shows up, we do not label it good or bad. We simply allow it to flow through our never-ending stream of awesome life experience, of awesome expansion. The bad things can show us our greatness. The good things can lead us down a dark path.

Good and bad is ultimately a figment of our imagination.

So, I invite you friend to release these judgments and to feel the peace, the power, and the clarity that comes from flowing unhindered by our limited mind and open to all the possibilities of what can flow through your experience.

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To Your Success,

Noah Hammond

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