Learning Games – How Simple Learning Games will Transform Education

Hi friends, Noah Hammond here, back with another video. Today, we are going to be talking about learning games or more specifically, how to turn learning into a game and transform education, transform the way you learn completely and forever.

Understanding Education – The Work of Sugata Mitra

Now, the inspiration for this video comes from a man named Sugata Mitra who is an Educational Scientist from India. He is very famous for his Ted talk on education and some of the experiments that he has done in the realm of education.

Basically from Sugata’s work, we know that education is both self-organizing and self-emerging meaning that, if given the opportunity, children, human beings will self-organize their education almost entirely and the desire for education will come through us effortlessly. Sugata talks about a lot of really interesting things in his Ted talk so I really encourage you to go check it out as well.

But, the information I am here to bring you today is the fact that education and learning can stem from simply asking the right question.

You see, what he found in his experiments, allowing kids to learn all over the world from third-world countries with NOTHING more than access to a computer, was that if you simply ask them the right, big, engaging question and you frame it the right way, the desire for knowledge, problem-solving, collaboration, community and critical thinking flows through us human beings NATURALLY.

In his experiment, Sugata would give children access to a computer, children as young as eight and nine years old.

He would ask them complex questions such as the functions of DNA and how they grow and change, and how cells in our body work, and things that kids would NEVER normally learn until well into their late teens in high school.

Eight or nine year olds with a simple computer, they would go and get complex answers.

Learning Games – Asking the Right Question

Now, the key thing to know is that you have to frame the question in a way that inspires you to solve it like it is a real world problem with some practicality to you knowing the answer. The question has to be BIG.

If you ask yourself something that is big and compelling to you and frame it in a way that makes it practical to you, learning is a natural by-product. Mastery is a natural by-product of the PASSION that flows through you as you learn excitedly.

The game we are talking about here is to ask yourself a big WHY, to ask yourself a big HOW, to ask yourself a big WHAT – something that is PERTINENT to you; something that is in line with your dreams, your goals, who you want to be in the world and how you want to show up in the world.

If you start asking yourself complex questions to pertinent, real-world issues or possibilities or situations, learning and education will flow through you joyously and effortlessly.

Now, you might have to deal with some resistance to education. There might be some leftover from when we went to school.

“Learning? That is not fun.”

And really, learning was not that fun.

But, I encourage you to INSPIRE a friend, or maybe somebody else who would love to know the same answer to the question that you want to know the answer to as well.

Someone who wants to implement a solution to a problem that you currently see, to a big WHY, to a big WHAT or to a big HOW. Get a community around you of people who are all HUNGRY for the same thing.

Similar to the team of any start-up business, they are all on the SAME team looking for the SAME solutions and the SAME results. And then, miracles, knowledge, education, passion, and inspiration flow through you as a result of asking the right questions in the right context.

Again, I invite you to go see Sugata Mitra’s work and I hope this video inspires you to really spur some deep learning in your life.

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